🗓 Bitcoin Atlantis: A Madeira Retreat with Crypto Pioneers

Dates 1 - 3 Mar 2024
Location Madeira
Photo - Bitcoin Atlantis: A Madeira Retreat with Crypto Pioneers
Ever dreamt of attending an event with the leading figures of the crypto world, all in one of Earth's most picturesque settings? Here's your chance: The Bitcoin Atlantis conference is set to take place in Madeira in March 2024.
Bitcoin Atlantis promises an unforgettable experience. This conference, dedicated to the ins and outs of Bitcoin and its various facets, will span from March 1st to 3rd, 2024, on the enchanting island of Madeira. The heart of the Atlantic was not just a random pick: Madeira's awe-inspiring landscapes symbolize the sheer power and limitless potential of the pioneering cryptocurrency. 
The robust roots of trees symbolize a decentralized network and the quest for freedom to the event organizers. The secluded waterfalls suggest yet-to-be-discovered potentials, and the island's mystique beckons for personal exploration of both Madeira and Bitcoin. 

“Bitcoin Atlantis in Madeira: Where altcoins are like sand on the beach – wait, there's no sand on Madeira's beaches,” jokes the Bitcoin Atlantis team on X (Twitter).

The event will be graced by the presence of crypto industry stalwarts, each having a connection to Bitcoin. Among them are:

  • Michael Saylor, the co-founder and CEO of tech giant MicroStrategy;
  • Jack Dorsey, the co-founder and CEO of Block, the Co-founder and former CEO of Twitter; a seasoned software architect and entrepreneur;
  • Jack Mallers, the founder and CEO of the payment platform, Strike;
  • Alex Gladstein, the Chief Strategy Officer at the Human Rights Foundation.
The organizers are expecting to attract approximately 5,000 attendees to the conference. Tickets for Bitcoin Atlantis are currently on sale. Attendees can choose from three different ticket levels, and children under 16 can attend with you at no extra cost.

1. The L1 (Layer 1) ticket is specifically for residents of Madeira. It's priced at €42, from which attendees will get a cashback of €21 in Bitcoin. Those with an L1 ticket can access:

  • The main and Open Source stages;
  • The exhibition zone;
  • The food court;
  • Game showcases;
  • Family and children's areas;
  • Art exhibitions, music shows, and more.

2. For international attendees, the L2 (Layer 2) ticket provides general conference access and is currently priced at €240. Its perks are similar to those of the L1 ticket.

3. The premium L3 (Layer 3) ticket, at €960, grants holders access to both common areas and exclusive zones and events, including:

  • The VIP lounge;
  • Front row seating;
  • Complimentary food and drinks;
  • The gala dinner;
  • Sponsorship-related privileges, and more.

Please note! Ticket prices are set to rise on October 1st. The L2 ticket will then be €300, and the L3 will go up to €1,200.

About the Organizers

The Bitcoin Atlantis conference is orchestrated by the local Bitcoin initiative, FREE Madeira, with the support of Ego Death Capital and the Free Cities Foundation. Representatives from FREE Madeira believe that Madeira is poised to emerge as a leading Bitcoin hub in Europe, thanks to Portugal's favorable stance towards the digital currency, distinctive local regulations, and the expansion of Madeira's Free Trade Zone.

But FREE Madeira is not just a coalition of enthusiasts; it serves as a guiding council for Madeira's government, public institutions, and private sectors. 

"Whether Bitcoin will become a global monetary paradigm shift or remain a tool for specific cross-border use-cases doesn’t matter. Smaller semi-autonomous regions of the world, like Madeira, have an opportunity here. A bitcoin-friendly attitude will attract wealth to the island, but more importantly, it will also attract talent," states Andre Loja, the visionary behind the initiative. "The future shines bright and orange, just like the sun over Madeira. Embracing Bitcoin will ensure that Madeirans will be able to bask in its rays for generations to come." 
Website and tickets: https://bitcoinatlantis.com

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