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1 - 30 Sept 2023

Crypto Events Calendar September 2023

Photo - Crypto Events Calendar September 2023
Crypto Events Calendar September 2023
31.08–03.09 — ETHWarsaw 2023

— The launch of Metahero's first public scanner in Warsaw
  • A 3D chamber, comprising 16 mobile pillars equipped with a server unit and 4 cameras, will scan people and objects, integrating them into the metaverse.

02.09 This day in 2014 marks the release of the world's first Bitcoin wallet, Opendime

Korea Blockchain Week

Nordic Blockchain Conference 2023
  • The largest Web3 conference in the Nordic region.

Bitcoin was recognized as legal tender in El Salvador
  • On this day in 2021, El Salvador became the first country to endorse Bitcoin as legal currency alongside the US dollar. 

11.09–13.09 — Permissionless II
  • A conference for over 7000 crypto aficionados. Permissionless II ranks as one of the paramount DeFi events worldwide. 

— Token2049 in Singapore

19.09–20.09 — The sub0 Europe 2023 conference for Polkadot developers  

The Proof-of-Work Summit in Prague

27.09 The CypherPunk 2023 conference in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA
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