12 - 19 Nov 2023

Devconnect Istanbul 2023

Photo - Devconnect Istanbul 2023
Devconnect is a week-long event, organized by the Ethereum Foundation. In 2023, the ecosystem's community of developers and researchers will gather from November 13-19 in Istanbul.
The Ethereum Foundation introduced a similar event in Amsterdam last year, where Ethereum enthusiasts participated in a week of seminars and discussions. The event received highly positive feedback. 

“Many that participated in the sessions and conversations told us they felt Devconnect had a significant impact on the ecosystem by driving progress in tangible ways,” according to the organizers.

Therefore, the Ethereum Foundation has decided to repeat this successful experience. Istanbul, Turkey, was a purposeful choice for Devconnect-2023. The local Ethereum community's dedication played a significant role in bringing the conference to their country. Istanbul's symbolic role as a bridge between continents resonates with everyone. Additionally, the Ethereum Foundation chose Istanbul to express solidarity with the families affected by the recent earthquake in southeast Turkey, showing their support for the region through this event. 

Devconnect-2023 will feature a diverse range of independent educational events, each with a unique Ethereum focus. The organizers aim to foster in-depth discussions, exploration, and progress on various Ethereum-related topics. To ensure a tailored experience, they've meticulously designed these sessions to avoid any thematic overlap. Plus, the option to purchase tickets for each session separately added to convenience.

A dedicated coworking space will serve as a hub for all the educational groups, providing participants with a venue to share insights, discuss experiences, or simply take a break.

The Devconnect organizers encountered an unforeseen challenge due to an escalating military conflict in the Middle East. While the event itself is unlikely to face direct threats, the potential for protests and disturbances in Istanbul is a concern. In response, the Ethereum Foundation has crafted comprehensive guidelines for attendees to ensure their safety while in Turkey.

“These last weeks have included complicated and emotional decisions for many in our community, the members of which hold diverse opinions. In addition to the risks stated, we also recognize the physical distance between Istanbul and the heart of this conflict, and that a thriving local community has been active and positive every step of the way,” the Ethereum Foundation remarks.

Additionally, the Ethereum Foundation clarifies that Devconnect is not the same as Devcon. The latter remains the premier event organized by the foundation and is set to take place in Southeast Asia in 2024. 
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