5 cryptocurrency YouTube channels worth subscribing to

Photo - 5 cryptocurrency YouTube channels worth subscribing to
YouTube is full of cryptocurrency channels with free educational and entertainment content. You can subscribe to every one of them and stay on YouTube forever. Or you choose only 5, but learn almost everything about crypto!
The cryptocurrency industry is constantly developing and changing. It is pretty hard to follow all the events, it is even more difficult to analyze the trends. Therefore, crypto enthusiasts often have to turn on YouTube videos, where experts (and people who pretend to be experts) share their opinion and help others understand the confusing world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

There are thousands of analysts, traders, and bloggers creating crypto-related content. But how to determine which of them is trustworthy? We have gathered five YouTube channels about cryptocurrency that are worth subscribing to.

Coin Bureau

One of the biggest Youtube channels with more than 2 million subscribers. Blogger records videos about the latest crypto news, reviews crypto exchanges, crypto wallets, and new coins, analyzes the market, and creates educational guides.

New videos are uploaded daily. Information is presented simply, succinctly, and with humor. Coin Bureau is a great place for those who want to understand how the crypto world works.

BitBoy Crypto

The channel of straightforward and slightly flamboyant crypto trader Ben Armstrong. He publishes both prepared studio videos and videos in a free format without lengthy introductions. He talks about the latest crypto events, reviews prominent projects, analyzes trends, and sometimes even gives trading recommendations.

BitBoy Crypto channel has almost 1,5 million subscribers, although the number of views per video is much lower. Nevertheless, Ben’s video will help you follow the key trends and events of the crypto industry. 

Benjamin Cowen

Benjamin Cowan has been creating crypto content on YouTube since 2019, and he managed to collect 770,000 subscribers. His channel is fully devoted to the crypto market and token analysis. 

In his videos, he analyzes current trends with the help of graphs and auxiliary tools. He also records video presentations on various cryptocurrencies, where he analyzes their price. Cowen's approach to cryptocurrencies is completely technical. In his forecasts, he often shares the worst scenarios for the cryptocurrency market.

There is also a section of weekly reports “Into the Cryptoverse” on this channel. This section will be best for long-term investors and traders. It is worth mentioning that this type of content is available only to users with a YouTube Premium subscription .

Gagarin Show + Gagarin News

It would be strange not to mention the Gagarin News and Gagarin Show in this selection. Not because they are affiliated with our media, but because they really offer high-quality content on the topic of cryptocurrencies. Gagarin Show and Gagarin News differ from the channels listed above in their well-thought-out concept of information delivery and creative visual content. In addition, their videos are divided into levels ("Crypto for dummies" and "Crypto not for dummies").

Subscribe to Gagarin News if you want to learn about DeFi, GameFi, metaverse, NFT, DAO, and other concepts of the world of cryptocurrencies from stylish anonymous presenters Mr. Etherman Dr.Smartcontract. Each video is unique and it immerses you in a new informal atmosphere that beats popular films, games, and TV series.

The Gagarin Show channel is also interesting for its regular invitation of well-known guests (Alexei Durnev, Dasha Astafieva, etc.), who discuss cryptocurrency topics and analyze crypto news in an entertaining format. Vladimir Nosov and Gleb Ushakov decompose complex topics into atoms and lift the mood with thematic jokes.