5 disgusting PFP NFT collections you might not know about

Photo - 5 disgusting PFP NFT collections you might not know about
What is PFP NFT, and why is it popular? 🤔What were the first PFPs? How much do the ugliest works cost? What is the position of the most popular disgusting PFP NFT collection in the ranking?

What does PFP NFT mean?

PFP stands for “profile picture”. An avatar in social networks or games gives the first impression of a person on the Internet, telling others about his/her character and tastes. In virtual reality, many people prefer to be anonymous, so they would rather use a different picture than their photo for this purpose.

The abbreviation NFT stands for a unique non-fungible token. It is owned by the person who bought it and is displayed on the blockchain as a digital certificate. Each NFT has its metadata and is stored in a decentralized IPFS file system. Such an asset cannot be exchanged for another. It can only be resold. 

Thus, PFP NFTs are unique digital tokens-images for profiles that demonstrate that one is keeping up to date with current trends. In some cases, it also shows that he/she is pretty wealthy.

The first NFT avatars were cryptopunks. They appeared back in 2017 when almost no one knew about non-fungible tokens. Now they are at the top of the all-time sales on the OpenSea platform. 

NFT PFPs have taken a dominant position in marketplaces and became incredibly popular in 2021. Their sales are still growing.

Essentially, a PFP NFT is the same non-fungible token but is meant to represent a person’s profile in social networks, metaverses, or blockchain games.

Why are PFP NFT projects popular?

Almost every PFP NFT project has its community. This means that the owners of such assets receive the right to participate in its further development, and sometimes they are provided with additional bonuses and access to real events.

Many offerings on the market also have their own roadmap, which says how the project will develop and what benefits it has.

What is more, it is possible to monetize a PFP NFT by creating your collection of real-world items with this image. In a nutshell, such collections offer more monetization opportunities.

In addition, an NFT online profile picture emphasizes a person’s progressive personality and indicates his/her status. PFP NFTs have a particular value for the cryptocurrency community because if someone has a conventional cryptopunk, it proves that he/she has the means to make risky investments.

5 disgusting PFP NFT collections

Contemporary art doesn’t have to be beautiful and pleasing. The important thing is that it conveys an emotion or is supported by a particular concept. A collection of disgusting NFTs shows how it might look. 


NFT-characters of the adventure gaming metaverse. The creators do not disclose their personalities and give detailed information about the project. You can find out all about it only after connecting to the game. It is only known that it is an epic saga that tells the story of wizards in the kingdom of Tyrol. At the time of writing, the PFP collection was ranked 22nd in sales over the past 30 days and 12th over the past 24 hours. Depending on uniqueness, one NFT is worth 0.28 to 25 ETH.


PFP NFT project from Truth Labs operating in the web3. Goblin Town is a blockchain game that takes users into a world of subterranean, mischievous creatures enjoying decay. The cost of an NFT avatar ranges from 2.7 to 6,000 ETH. Goblins are ranked 46th on OpenSeas’ all-time sales chart.

Mutant Kongz & G.rilla Official.

NFT PFPs of the Seoul-based company Meta Kongz, which is behind the creation of the eponymous metaverse. Its story begins in the lab of some scientist who developed a mutagenic room. Among the famous partners supporting the project is The Sandbox. One mutant gorilla costs from 900 to 10 000 WKLAY.

Working Class Degens.

An ironic and social NFT collection of avatars. It is not associated with any metaverse or blockchain game. Nothing is known about the creators, they have no discord or roadmap for the project, but there is a slogan: “It’s time to get out of mom’s basement”. The price of the concept PFP NFTs ranges from 0.0043 to 7.1 ETH.

Mutant Ape Yacht Club.

The PFP NFT collection is derived from the much-known Bored Ape Yacht Club project. The parent company of both is Yuga Labs. In addition to intellectual property rights to the image, owners of these avatars have access to a private online club and unique events. A mutant ape can be obtained by exposing an existing bored ape to a special serum, which is available for purchase on marketplaces. Prices for such PFP NFTs start at 18 ETH and go up to 15,000 ETH. The project ranks 3rd in OpenSeas’ all-time sales chart.

Do you want to make a resonant impression on the Internet and remind everyone what this world is coming to? The ugly NFTs are at your service!