$670 million in crypto losses from hacker attacks in Q2 of 2022

Photo - $670 million in crypto losses from hacker attacks in Q2 of 2022
The bounty platform Immunefi carried out research and found out that in the second quarter of this year, losses of crypto projects from hacking attacks amounted to 670 698 280 US dollars.
Experts said that hacks were the main problem since they were the cause of the loss of funds in 96.62% of cases. Also, according to the platform, 49 out of 50 incidents were related to DeFi protocols.
The Beanstalk project, which lost $181 million, ranked first in terms of losses for this quarter. Then comes Harmony, which has lost $100 million. Mirror Protocol is in third place with a difference of 10 million, so the hack brought the criminals $90 million. Rari Capital has lost 80 million dollars and is at the end of the top four.
Immunefi data illustrates that compared to last year’s figures, this year’s heists have increased one and a half times over the same period.
As for the first quarter of this year, the total thefts equaled $1.22 billion. The most affected parties were Ronin, with $3,625 million of losses due to hacking attacks, and Wormhole, with a loss of $319 million. Wormhole also rewarded a white hat hacker with a record $10 million for helping them find a vulnerability in the protocol.
As we wrote earlier, an unknown hacker had managed to steal $1.5 million from the Omni protocol by using a callback function.