AAVE and FLOW Price Analysis as of January 30, 2024

Photo - AAVE and FLOW Price Analysis as of January 30, 2024
Bitcoin witnessed a 5% surge in a single day, reaching a local high of $43,780 yesterday. Here’s an in-depth review of the market situation for Aave (AAVE) and Flow (FLOW) as of Tuesday, January 30.

Aave (AAVE)

After reaching a yearly high of $130 about a month ago, AAVE has undergone a corrective phase, currently standing at a 35% decrease. Recently, the asset managed to rebound from the support zone between $84.0 and $88.5, approaching the local resistance area of $93.6–$96.3.

AAVE's future movements will largely depend on Bitcoin's trajectory. If Bitcoin continues its positive trend, AAVE might aim to reach new local highs around $98.4, $101.32, and between $103.9 and $107.4.

Should Bitcoin's correction persist, AAVE could break through its current support zone, potentially declining toward the $80 level, targeted by bears.
AAVE chat on the H4 timeframe

AAVE chat on the H4 timeframe

Flow (FLOW)

Currently, FLOW is trapped between a support zone of $0.66–$0.71 and a resistance zone of $0.77–$0.81. Like AAVE, FLOW's performance is closely tied to the Bitcoin dynamics.

In an upward trend, FLOW could rise to the seller's level of $0.832 and might even test the resistance range of $0.86–$0.90. A firm stance above $0.90 could signify the end of its downward trend.

In a downward trajectory, FLOW could quickly fall to a new local low, potentially going below $0.638.
FLOW chat on the H4 timeframe

FLOW chat on the H4 timeframe

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TF (Timeframe) — a chronological period equal to the time it takes to form one Japanese candle on the chart.

Horizontal channel (flat, sideways, range) — the price movement between support and resistance levels, without going beyond the given range.

К — simplified designation of one thousand dollars of the asset price (for example, 23.4K – $23,400).

Gray range on the chart — a support zone.

Red range on the chart — a resistance zone.

Correlation — the tendency of prices of different cryptocurrencies to move in sync, often influenced by the dominance of one of the assets.

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