An intrigue from the creator of Shiba Inu

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Photo - An intrigue from the creator of Shiba Inu
Fans of the cult meme-coin SHIBA INU froze in anticipation: after almost a year and a half of silence, the creator of the Ryoshi project had reappeared on social networks. But only to delete all (!) of his tweets.
Somebody thought it was a goodbye. But, of course, various conspiracy theories could not help but appear. The updated philosophical profile picture of Ryoshi, which depicts the Tibetan enlightened master Milarepa, facilitated it.

Several publications also referred to Medium, which supposedly belongs to Ryoshi. The author wrote two messages in which he blesses the Shiba army for exploits and emphasizes that “Ryoshi is not important. Each of you is Ryoshi.”
However, this account is highly likely fake: it has less than 200 followers (for comparison, Twitter has 202,000). The real Ryoshi would certainly use Twitter as a voice for the message or mirrored “zeroing” of his Medium.
Ryoshi is a legendary character (or group of authors), in many ways following the anonymous path of Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto (although we are far from comparing Satoshi’s “digital gold” with the cryptocurrency that emerged as the answer to Dogecoin, which, for its part, as we remember, appeared literally as a joke).
To a great extent, SHIBA exceeded its mission: in 2021, it managed to get ahead of DOGE in capitalization, got into the top ten global cryptocurrencies, actively developed the ecosystem, and became a sponsor of sports teams. The number of SHIB token holders has exceeded 1 million people.
Taking into account the ambiguity of the message from Ryoshi, worrying about FUD flow from competitors and detractors, one of the leading developers of SHIBA, Shytoshi Kusama, wrote a new post on his blog with an overview of the situation.
Shytoshi said that although he did not know Ryoshi personally, he considers him one of the most successful anonymous founders in history. He also mentions the “ethics of Ryoshi”, which lies in complete withdrawal from influence on the development of the project.
The answer to the question of why Ryoshi decided to disappear right now when the community is very strong and united, and uncertainty prevails in the market, Kusama considers the samurai principle, when a teacher leaves students precisely at a time of insurmountable difficulties, so that “a wanderer would become a warrior”. Thus, Ryoshi’s dream of SHIBA INU as a global decentralized project is close to being realized.