Apple Crypto Event 2022 is another scam

Photo - Apple Crypto Event 2022 is another scam
Apple’s long-awaited presentation took place on September 7. But viewers did not see quite what they expected. To be more exact, they saw a completely different presentation – Apple Crypto, where somebody tried to sell them cryptocurrency.
The technology giant held another presentation of its new products. And traditionally, Apple launched a YouTube broadcast of the event to broaden the audience. Unknown crypto fraudsters took advantage of this situation and launched several fake streams.

One of these broadcasts gathered more than 70,000 viewers. The fake Apple presentation took place on the Apple LIVE channel, which has nothing to do with the corporation. It had a rather attractive title – “Apple CEO Tim Cook: Apple and the Metaverse in 2022”. The intruders broadcast a recorded interview with Tim Cook from 2018.

The presentation hit the top because of many keywords related to cryptocurrencies and Apple. The logo of CNN, which filmed this interview, was overlaid with the phrase “Apple Crypto Event 2022”. BTC and ETH logos were also present. The video description included a link that led to a dubious cryptocurrency site.

Another channel called Apple Inc. announced a conversation between Elon Musk and Tim Cook about the metaverse. But more than 10,000 viewers could only see Musk’s old interview about bitcoin by following a link to the scam site.

This isn’t the first time Apple has become a profit for scammers. Last year, 165,000 viewers watched a fake stream that said Apple was buying 100,000 BTC.