Bonuses for voluntary quitting: BlockFi begins new staff reductions

Photo - Bonuses for voluntary quitting: BlockFi begins new staff reductions
BlockFi continues to optimize its staff, and some employees will be fired, even though the company received a loan from the FTX exchange of four hundred million dollars.
The company’s management offers employees to quit voluntarily and guarantees bonuses and benefits to those who do so.

The company promises ten weeks of paid vacation time and insurance for an employee leaving voluntarily. According to BlockFi management, those who are fired under the program will have the opportunity to look for a job during their vacation time.
The company launched this program to adjust the organization for the current market environment. We understand the situation and want our former colleagues to be provided so that they have time to consider all options and find a decent job.
the company said.
It is worth noting that the new wave of layoffs began just a month after the recent dismissals of the company’s employees. A month ago, BlockFi fired 20% of its employees. The situation with the company’s FTX bailout loan did not improve the state of affairs, and BlockFi had to make new layoffs.

Nevertheless, BlockFi management continues to say that everything is not so bad, and things are improving for the company. Earlier, CEO Zac Prince noted that BlockFi should not be compared to Voyager brokers and Celsius lenders, which are currently insolvent.

According to him, the company is far from suffering from financial starvation and is launching new projects.

Recall that, as it turned out, information that crypto exchange FTX.US buys credit service BlockFi has been confirmed. Initially, the information about the purchase price of 25 million was leaked into the network. However, the price for which the purchase will be made turned out to be much higher and amounts to 680 million US dollars.