Bored Apes in Singapore: Yacht, Video, and Zuckerberg

Photo - Bored Apes in Singapore: Yacht, Video, and Zuckerberg
The apes are in fine fettle. Yuga Labs CEO proves that. During his stay in Singapore that held the Token2049 event, he said and showed many interesting things.
The Token2049 event in Singapore has now come to a close, but its atmosphere is still very much alive and kicking. The CEO of Yuga Labs Daniel Alegre’s X (Twitter) proves that.

In one of his tweets from Singapore, he showed what the BAYC-yacht devoted to the event looked like. And it’s everything you’d expect it to be, with three apes dressed in bespoke outfits. All three of them are looking at the box full of bananas – the ultimate currency in the world of apes. One of them is also smoking a cigar.
Apehouse in Singapore. Source: Alegre’s Twitter

Apehouse in Singapore. Source: Alegre’s Twitter

His other tweet includes a short video with lines that read “An NFT isn’t a JPEG, it’s the future”. The tweet received both positive and negative feedback from X users. Some agreed with Alegre while others were more skeptical. One of them wrote, “Agree but not all of them… some are already history.”
A video about NFTs. Source: Alegre’s Twitter

A video about NFTs. Source: Alegre’s Twitter

Alegre also expressed excitement about the “many community members” he met “who are creating unique businesses with their Apes”, adding that “now we can highlight and showcase what they have built. MBA!”

During the event, he also made several big statements. Among them is that Zuckerberg’s Meta gave “the metaverse a bad name” thanks to its extremely subpar vision communicated to the people. 

He added that the problem with the metaverse is that Meta “ruined the term because it claimed to offer something new” even though other metaverse platforms had been around already at the time.

“I was at Activision Blizzard, we had World of Warcraft. World of Warcraft is a metaverse, Fortnite is a metaverse — so the metaverse is evolving, I think, in very, very positive ways,” he said, adding that “[Users] go in and say ‘Hey, Mark, so cool to see you…So now what?’ It just flopped, there's a huge echo in the room.”

In spite of Alegre’s enthusiasm, the BAYC’s NFTs collection continues to lose its value. According to the OpenSea data, the BAYC’s floor price is currently 24.125 ETH ($34289.26). To compare: In June, it stood at 44.1 ETH. This equals $72911.76 at the time of writing.

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