Casio Unveils its G-Shock NFT Collection

Photo - Casio Unveils its G-Shock NFT Collection
Casio, the renowned Japanese electronics company, has launched a unique G-Shock NFT collection, offering exclusive features for its owners. These watches are designed to accessorize avatars in various metaverses.

The Distinctive Features of the Virtual G-Shock 

This exclusive collection, limited to just 2000 pieces, showcases the Virtual G-Shock watch models, boasting a cutting-edge design. Marking Casio's second venture into the NFT space, it follows the September 2023 debut of the G-Shock Creator Pass on the Polygon network. Holders of the Creator Pass were granted early access to these virtual timepieces before they became available on wider marketplaces (until December 19, 2023).

Owners of the new NFTs will be treated to several exclusive benefits:

  1. A chance to visit Casio's G-Shock lab in Tokyo to experience firsthand how the brand tests its products for durability.
  2. An invitation to a roundtable with Casio's design team, offering insights into the creative journey of the virtual G-Shock models.
  3. Exclusive access to behind-the-scenes design content related to the Virtual G-Shock series.
  4. Priority purchasing rights for digital items in future collections.
  5. Opportunities to contribute to the development of Casio's upcoming digital offerings.

"These unique collector incentives reflect our commitment to innovation, both in the digital space and in tangible products. We aim to foster a deeper connection with the G-Shock community and actively engage them in our journey of innovation," stated Oh Takahashi, Senior General Manager of Timepieces at Casio. 

Two Unique Virtual G-Shock Designs

Presently, there are two distinct Virtual G-Shock models available for enthusiasts.

VGA-001 "BALLOON". This model of virtual wristwatch features a futuristic design that oscillates between the likeness of a hot air balloon and a rainbow-hued soap bubble. 
Its bright, unconventional shape is tailored to appeal to the Casio clientele who are enthusiasts of the Harajuku Garudzu subculture. Their Metaverse avatars often don vibrant, club-like neon colors and flaunt a unique style that mixes seemingly incompatible elements, like a Pokémon costume paired with black chunky boots.

VGA-002 "LEAF SPRING". Inspired by the motion of a spring or a flexible leaf spring, this watch model captivates attention with its non-minimalist form and color scheme. 
The creators envision these watches as reminiscent of the futuristic and robust G-Shock models, typically chosen by sports enthusiasts and avid explorers.
G-Shock VGA-001. Source:

G-Shock VGA-001. Source:

How to Buy a G-Shock NFT

To acquire a G-Shock NFT, interested buyers need to link their MetaMask wallet to the OpenSea platform. Each of the two models is limited to 1000 pieces, priced at 0.1 ETH (approximately $230 based on current exchange rates). However, availability is restricted to residents of just 16 countries, requiring purchasers to declare their country of residence. Moreover, there is a limit of three NFT watches per design for each customer.
For the fortunate buyers who manage to secure these exclusive virtual watches, there's a potential for substantial resale profit. Watches from past collections have fetched prices 5 to 6 times higher on secondary markets.

Launching NFTs represents Casio's innovative approach to engaging with its community, simultaneously attracting a new demographic interested in NFTs and blockchain technology.

The collection's presentation is available for viewing here.