DIG Foundation released the #WeAreUkraine charity NFT collection

Photo - DIG Foundation released the #WeAreUkraine charity NFT collection
DIG Foundation, together with Save the Children and Women for Women International, launched an exclusive #WeAreUkraine charity NFT collection in support of Ukraine, which suffers from Russian military aggression.
The collection consists of graphic images of famous Ukrainian architectural monuments and landmarks. Non-fungible tokens can be purchased on OpenSea. The auction will last 6 months. The highlight of the initiative is three bonus NFT videos of singer Jamala performing folk songs. They will be sent out to random NFT #WeAreUkraine owners as gifts.

Ukrainian singer Jamala has become the main ambassador for the charity campaign. 
I am proud to support this NFT collection because it raises people’s awareness of Ukraine and what’s happening here right now. I want to do my best to draw the world’s attention to the brutal war crimes that have affected so many Ukrainians.
says Jamala.
The project is also supported by model and TV host Bogdana Nazarova (owner of the titles “Miss Ukraine” and “Miss Miami”) and Xyzzy, a company that specializes in the metaverse, NFT, and blockchain games.

70% of the proceeds will be evenly distributed between the Save the Children and Women for Women International charitable foundations. 30% are provided for operating expenses.

The profits from the sales of the NFT #WeAreUkraine will help Save the Children continue to help Ukrainian children and their parents in need. Ettore Rossetti, Lead Advisor of digital at Save the Children, says the company has been helping Ukrainian families since 2014.

 Sara Bowcutt, executive director of Women for Women International, said, 
Women are very much affected by wars and conflicts. The help of the DIG Foundation will allow us to keep fighting for the recovery of their psycho-emotional health. We provide psychological and legal services and educational courses for women, whether they stayed in Ukraine or went abroad.

DIG is a Dubai-based decentralized investment group and a community of blockchain proponents. The foundation is dedicated to empowering women to prove themselves in the era of the digital economy.

Haydn Snape, CEO of DIG, notes: “Blockchain technology can be used to make a difference and to help those in need.”

On February 24, 2022, a full-scale war unleashed by Russia began in Ukraine. From the beginning to the present day, individual countries, companies, organizations, and people have been supporting the population affected by military aggression, as well as providing military aid. The cryptocurrency community does not stand aside either but tries to help. Recall that Ukraine has received more than $125 million in cryptocurrency donations as of June.