Efdot: The Master of Abstract Art

Photo - Efdot: The Master of Abstract Art
American artist and designer Eric Friedensohn, known as Efdot, embraces NFT technology to market digital versions of his original artworks.
Eric Friedensohn studied graphic design in Philadelphia at Drexel University and spent many years as a freelance designer. Yet, a disastrous fire almost entirely decimated his equipment and a majority of his artwork. Among the few pieces that survived, Eric found a small sketch marked "optimist," which served as a beacon and encouraged him to persist in his artistic endeavors.

After a stint at the event agency, creating vinyl record designs, Efdot saved enough to pivot back to freelance work and set off to explore Latin America. His journey led him through museums and local artistic circles, shaping his distinctive style of abstract figurative art.
“The fire and finding that sketch rooted me on this new journey of creating more art about optimism and sharing that message with people,”
Eric shares.
His unique approach, enriched by diverse experiences, has led to collaborations with giants like WeWork, Google, and Madewell. Eric's murals are a global urban tapestry. Despite such acclaim, his focus remains on crafting both tangible and digital artwork in his studio and he’s often involved in community, sports, and charity projects.

For example, in partnership with the Chicago Cubs, he aided in raising over $60,000 for Bring Change 2 Mind (BC2M) during Mental Health Awareness Month. He produced a special limited edition of prints, which later adorned designer apparel and posters, crafted through silkscreen printing.

In the middle of 2020, the company Topps, known for issuing collectible baseball cards, reached out to the artist to contribute to a small portion of an original, limited edition series. 

In the Topps Project 70, Eric invested significant effort into the composition selection, and material choices, and even delved into the storied careers of famous players to reimagine their iconic cards in a novel way.
Collectible cards Efdot X Topps. Source: EfdotStudio’s official website.

Collectible cards Efdot X Topps. Source: EfdotStudio’s official website.

With the rise of decentralized technology, Efdot's curiosity was piqued by non-fungible tokens, which enable artists to engage directly with their audiences. Among his most recent works in the decentralized space is the Ethereum-based NFT series titled "As Above, So Below." This series is represented by an animated graphic that seamlessly blends two stylistically akin images that smoothly transition into one another.
Two pieces of the As Above, So Below NFT. Source: Manifold

Two pieces of the As Above, So Below NFT. Source: Manifold's official website.

Collaborating with his long-time friend and fellow artist Amber Vittoria, Eric created a noteworthy piece, highlighting the importance of such collaborative efforts. Minting one of these NFTs cost 0.1 ETH, approximately $180 at the time of writing, and he limited the issue to thirty copies to preserve the collectible nature of his works.

Efdot's other blockchain artworks resemble the As Above, So Below NFTs in spirit: they are abstract, emotionally charged creations that reflect the artist's self-expression. However, some of his NFTs were developed exclusively for charitable purposes in partnership with various organizations.

One such notable project is the Push Paradise collection, released in an edition of twenty-two to support the Pablo Ramirez Foundation, which provides scholarships to underprivileged individuals. In collaboration with the online initiative RELI3F, Efdot also introduced the Peace in Translation NFT series to raise funds for humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

According to Eric, philanthropy is crucial because such initiatives can genuinely make a difference in the world and serve as a positive model for fellow artists, designers, and creatives. These cases showcase the unique power of decentralized technologies to merge real-world impact with the virtual space.