ETHGlobal Istanbul: The Major Ethereum Event in Turkey

Photo - ETHGlobal Istanbul: The Major Ethereum Event in Turkey
ETHGlobal Istanbul, the latest Ethereum conference organized by ETHGlobal, is set to gather developers, entrepreneurs, and crypto enthusiasts with a shared focus on advancing the Ethereum platform.
ETHGlobal has established a strong reputation for nurturing a web3 developer community, uniting over 70,000 Ethereum enthusiasts. It scouts for talent by hosting various hackathons, conferences, and educational initiatives.

The upcoming ETHGlobal Istanbul, scheduled for November 17-19 at the Istanbul Congress Center, is set to be a hub for collaboration, learning, and the presentation of Ethereum-related projects and ideas. It's anticipated to draw roughly 1,500 participants who will have 36 hours to craft their own project and vie for the $625,000 prize pot.

Participation in the hackathon requires staking ETH, serving as a strong incentive for entrants to see their projects and the hackathon through to completion. To maintain a level playing field, rules stipulate that working on declared projects before the official start of ETHGlobal Istanbul is not allowed. Furthermore, pre-existing projects simply transferred from web2 to web3 are ineligible for consideration as finalists.

The organizers want participants to create their projects from scratch at the hackathon, aiming to emulate the extraordinary success of Uniswap founder Hayden Adams. They will provide a full array of resources and documentation to help prepare for the competition. During the hackathon, mentors will provide support in resolving technical issues and conduct feedback sessions. Participants will have opportunities to show mentors their prototypes, slides, etc. After project submission, judges will determine the finalists and winners.
ETHGlobal events are community hackathons intended for collaboration and learning in the student community. We value the participation of each member of the student community and want all attendees to have an enjoyable and fulfilling experience,
stress the organizers of ETHGlobal Istanbul.