📣 Evmos Announces Discontinuation of Cosmos Transaction Support

posted  7 Nov 2023
Photo - Evmos Announces Discontinuation of Cosmos Transaction Support
The cryptocurrency project Evmos, which allows deploying Ethereum smart contracts on the Cosmos blockchain, decided to completely abandon the support of native Cosmos transactions and focus on Ethereum by the end of 2024.

Developers believe this change will increase efficiency and simplify numerous processes, including wallet development, which will no longer need to account for the peculiarities of two blockchains, such as dual-hash transaction indexing.

Nonetheless, Evmos has pledged to maintain key Cosmos features, including staking and token transfers, through specific EVM extensions (Stake, Vesting, IBC Transfers). The team has urged users to switch to EVM-compatible wallets while the option is available.

Beyond boosting developer efficiency, this strategic move is intended to optimize the project as a whole. It aims to free up resources for better integration with Ethereum while not completely discontinuing collaboration with Cosmos.