Exploring Promising Testnets: Linea and Sui

Photo - Exploring Promising Testnets: Linea and Sui
Sui and Linea are two crypto gems that are blazing hot! These highly promising projects are actively developing and have launched public testnets to prove their mettle.
Sui is a platform for smart contracts and decentralized applications built on the Move programming language. The project has finally launched its public Testnet, and the Mainnet release, according to the developers' statements, is scheduled for the second quarter of 2023.

Linea is a zkEVM developed by ConsenSys, the maker of the Metamask browser wallet. Recently, Blockchain launched a testnet that has already processed nearly 2 million transactions.

Ready to dive into the exciting world of testnets? Let's explore these promising projects and see what rewards await us for our active participation!

What is Testnet?

Before launching the mainnet of any blockchain, it needs to be thoroughly tested. So, two additional networks are created:

● Devnet (Developer network). A space for dApp developers and various applications to test and identify shortcomings before a full release.

● Testnet (Test Network) is a testing environment for blockchain or application.It enables developers as well as regular users to identify potential issues before the full release is released.

Frequently, projects reward users with their own tokens for interacting on the testnet, making testnet participation a popular method for earning cryptocurrency without spending real money.

Testnet Sui

A few months ago, we delved into the Sui blockchain in a detailed article. The project passed through three phases of closed testnets, where participation was only possible within certain chronological frames. Recently, Mysten Labs (developers of Sui) announced a public testnet, where anyone interested may demonstrate their activity.

A step-by-step guide on what to do:

● Download the Sui or Suiet Wallet;

● Switch to Testnet settings and request free tokens by clicking on the "Airdrop" button;

● Start testing various platforms in the wallet's "dApps" section.

Some popular apps that may need testing include MoveEX, SuiSwap, and OmniBTC. DeFi protocols include Araya and Turbos, alongside NFT platforms like Souffl3, Clutchy, BlueMove, and others.

Testnet Linea

As we mentioned, Linea is a zero-knowledge proof (ZK) protocol.

Steps for testing:

● Manually add the network to Metamask with the following parameters: 

– Network Name – LineaRPC;

– URL – https://rpc.goerli.linea.build/;

– Chain ID – 59140; 

– Currency Symbol – ETH; 

– Block Explorer URL – https://explorer.goerli.linea.build/.

● Transfer ETH from the Goerli network or other network to Linea via the cross-chain protocol HOP. Test ETH can be obtained through a faucet.

● Using the same cross-chain bridge, convert some ETH to WETH, and then to hETH;

● Add liquidity in the "Pool" section.
DeFi protocol HOP, where Linea testnet activities take place.

DeFi protocol HOP, where Linea testnet activities take place.


One of the main advantages of testnets is that participation is free of charge. Nevertheless, it is recommended to connect multiple accounts, since there are usually many participants.

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of any testnet:

● Use proxy and Anti-Detect browsers (Dolphin, Mozilla) to hide your digital footprint and avoid being blocked by the project for "multi-accounting";

● It is recommended to create disposable wallets and avoid using main wallets for Testnets.

● Repeat the actions every few days to maintain activity on the address.