Fighters get BTC bonuses from UFC and

Photo - Fighters get BTC bonuses from UFC and
The popular sports organization UFC and crypto exchange announced the launch of additional bonuses in BTC for UFC fighters.
The Fan Bonus of the Night is a fan bonus consisting of three bonuses in BTC. They are for sportsmen participating in Pay-Per-View tournaments. Who will win the cash prizes will be determined by a public vote open to fans from all over the world. The amount of payments will be: Fight of the Night and Performance also continue to operate. They are awarded by the president of the organization Dana White within each tournament. It is believed that the additional five-digit payments will be a valuable gift that will significantly increase the motivation of the fighters. According to sports news website The Sports Daily, on average, UFC sportsmen earned about $160,000 in 2021.

UFC and collaboration

By words of Dana White, the UFC has officially partnered with for less than a year, but even that time is long enough to name the representatives of the cryptocurrency exchange one of the best partners of all time. The UFC President noted that new ideas are constantly being developed for active communication with fans. In particular, the new bonus will help not only increase the audience’s interest in events, but also reward fighters for spectacular performances at the same time. In July 2021, the crypto platform became the official UFC global equipment partner for fighters. In November, the organizations expanded the agreement with the addition of a license agreement providing the development of the UFC NFT. Thus, the fighters will receive 50% of the income from NFT sales. CMO Steven Kalifowitz says the key goal of this partnership is to create unique and unusual ways to engage viewers in sports. According to him, the platform aims at creating even more innovative and attractive experiences in the course of continuing cooperation.