Free NFTs from Alo Yoga: A New Way to Attract Customers?

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Photo - Free NFTs from Alo Yoga: A New Way to Attract Customers?
Alo Yoga, a popular retail chain specializing in casual and sportswear for yoga, is now offering free NFTs to customers via the Polygon network.
Established in 2007, Alo Yoga operates dozens of stores across the US and also offers worldwide shipping. The brand is widely recognized in the American market and has managed to outshine some famous brands in terms of media attention. Their venture into the world of cryptocurrency could potentially facilitate a more widespread familiarity with digital assets among consumers.

The campaign is being run as part of the Mental Health Awareness Month. Now, any customer can receive a daily NFT, designed to promote positive thinking and boost self-esteem. This has been implemented via a separate NFC terminal that directs the user to the website to claim their NFT. Alo Yoga absorbs all transaction costs, as it initially aimed to make the process of transferring non-fungible tokens as straightforward as possible.
We’re not using Web3 jargon. Instead, we are providing our community with the opportunity to explore digital ownership in familiar environments,
remarks Angelic Vendette, Head of Global Marketing at Alo Yoga
The team at Alo Yoga has confirmed that they will soon introduce additional ways to claim the NFTs via email, with all holders receiving certain benefits. These may include access to exclusive events or sales, reminiscent of previous endeavors, highlighting that this is not Alo Yoga's first foray into the realm of NFTs within their sales strategy.

Last October, the company launched the Aspen Collection, where buyers received a digital certificate in the form of an exclusive NFT. This NFT not only confirms product authenticity after the possible return period, but also provides VIP services such as access to a personal manager for a year, a one-time entry to a private resort, and a personal training session.

In the light of the rising popularity of NFTs and metaverses among major brands like Adidas and Nike, such campaigns are not surprising. Many market players are exploring and utilizing these cutting-edge technologies to engage new customers, offering them bonuses for holding NFTs.