Galxe: A Crypto Quest Platform

Photo - Galxe: A Crypto Quest Platform
Galxe is a Web3 platform offering educational insights into the crypto world through tailored cryptocurrency quests and tasks for both test and main networks of crypto initiatives.
Users of Galxe can engage with tasks directly from their crypto wallets, earning an array of rewards, from NFTs and project tokens to roles in social networks. This not only boosts their activity in specific projects but also sets the stage for potential retroactive airdrops. 

In this article, we'll delve into Galxe's features and its inherent value to crypto enthusiasts. 

Getting Started with Galxe

To utilize the Galxe platform, users need an EVM-compatible browser wallet like XDEFI or Metamask. Presently, Galxe supports over 25 networks, and new blockchains are integrated as the platform evolves.
Networks compatible with Galxe. Source:

Networks compatible with Galxe. Source:

A significant number of tasks on Galxe require social engagements with different projects. Hence, it's crucial to immediately link your social media accounts such as Gmail, Telegram, Discord, and Twitter (X) to the platform. Moreover, in the user settings, you can also connect additional wallets.
Configuring your account on Galxe. Source:

Configuring your account on Galxe. Source:

Be aware that some quests on Galxe might necessitate actual monetary investments since they operate on the Mainnet. These could encompass activities like token exchanges, transfers across blockchains, or interactions with specific smart contracts for a particular campaign. Keep this in mind before diving into the platform.

Projects Available on Galxe

You can find the list of available projects on Galxe in the “Spaces” section. This showcases individual blockchains, decentralized exchanges, NFT marketplaces, lending protocols, cross-chain bridges, and other DeFi projects filling the crypto space across various niches.

The 'Spaces' section details various crypto projects. Source:

Crypto influencers and startups have the opportunity to include their initiatives by selecting “Apply for your Space”, allowing them to propose the addition of their cryptocurrency dApp to Galxe. 

Furthermore, the platform offers the capability to filter diverse applications based on potential prizes and other distinctive features in the “Explore” segment.

The 'Explore' area facilitates the search of crypto projects and refined filtering options. Source:

Activities Available on Galxe

Users can engage in a diverse range of actions within each quest on Galxe, such as:

  • Subscribing to and participating in the project's social media channels;

  • Inviting friends through a referral scheme;

  • Carrying out transactions on Testnet;

  • Conducting transactions on Mainnet;

  • Tackling knowledge-based tests related to the project;

  • Engaging regularly with various smart contracts;

  • Crafting content, including animations and videos, about the project.

The nature of the quests largely hinges on the specifics of each project and its associated campaign. In recognition of their engagement, users can earn distinctive points, the ability to mint NFTs, tokens on Mainnet, and OAT (a unique NFT courtesy of Galxe), among other rewards.

It's pertinent to mention that when you engage with Galxe on Mainnet, these activities are logged on the blockchain explorer. Hence, embarking on quests in platforms like Starknet, zkSync, Orbiter, Polygon zkEVM, and similar projects lacking native tokens might be advantageous for securing potential airdrops.

The Galxe Passport: A Distinct Web3 Identifier

The Galxe Passport stands out as an exclusive NFT that functions as an identity marker. To secure it, one must complete the verification process in the “Galxe ID” section and then mint a token on the BSC network, costing 0.03 BNB or approximately $6 at the prevailing exchange rate press time.
The Galxe Passport Acquisition Page. Source:

The Galxe Passport Acquisition Page. Source:

Within the crypto community, there's buzz suggesting that possessing a Galxe ID might play a pivotal role in future drop acquisitions. This is because projects might commence a hunt for airdrop hunters, filtering out a significant number of users in the process.

Our platform also features an insightful piece on the Gitcoin Passport. It draws parallels to the Galxe ID but stems from a different initiative. The overarching message? The more passports you have, the more crypto avenues open up for you. 

GAL Token Features

The Galxe project has a native token, GAL. This token acts as a marketing tool and also provides users with governance capabilities over the platform's progression via a DAO.

As of this article's date, the GAL token has the following attributes:

  • Asset's price: $1.19;

  • Market capitalization: $55 million;

  • Circulating supply: 46 million;

  • Maximum supply: 200 million;

  • Average daily trading volume: $22 million;

  • ATH: $18.32;

  • ATL: $0.89.

You can purchase the GAL token on several centralized crypto exchanges, including, Kraken, WhiteBIT, Bybit, Gate, KuCoin, and others. CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap provide a full list of exchanges in their “Markets” section.
Price dynamics of the GAL coin throughout its trading history. Source:

Price dynamics of the GAL coin throughout its trading history. Source:

Final Words

Galxe is among the leading cryptocurrency quest platforms, sharing the spotlight with the likes of Zealy, Guild, and Layer3. Engaging in missions on Galxe isn't just profitable but also educative, as it introduces users to a wide range of crypto projects and their primary features.