Hackers withdrew more than $90 million from the Nomad cross-chain protocol

Photo - Hackers withdrew more than $90 million from the Nomad cross-chain protocol
Cross-chain protocol Nomad lost more than 90 million dollars because of the hacker attack. Representatives of the platform disclosed this.
Nomad noted that they are currently in the process of identifying the problem and searching for those who were able to withdraw funds from the platform.

Researchers from the network also decided to investigate the attack and found out that there is a possibility that the amount of the hack was much more than $90 million. Also, the researchers found that most of the assets withdrawn from the platform were “wrapped,” like WBTC and USDC. Regarding the addresses to which the assets were withdrawn, SlowMist representatives noted that the transfers were made to three Ethereum addresses. The investigation was conducted using the MistTrack platform.

Some users who also investigated the theft claim amounts exceeding $90 million. For example, the user with the nickname samczsun reports $150 million withdrawn from the platform.

PeckShield researchers also believe that the stolen amount is about $150 million.  In their opinion, the assets were withdrawn to forty-one addresses, not three.

For example, TVL Nomad amounted to $180 million before the theft and almost $11,000 after the attack. The protocol uses fraud proofs that allow you to avoid using multi-signatures, validators, and oracles.