Hype around TON persists

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Photo - Hype around TON persists
One way or another, everyone has heard about TONCOIN.
From a potential superstar under the auspices of “Pavel Durov himself”, this project has abruptly dissolved in scandals, intrigues, investigations, very similar to the problems of the LIBRA coin developed by Mark Zuckerberg. Many even thought that “TON is over”. But, as it turned out, all these years the TON team did not sit idly by and worked actively. The brand returned to the advertising and marketing agenda, and began to appear with unexpected collaborations and educational initiatives. 
In December 2021, Pavel Durov reported that “the champions of Telegram’s coding contests” are again engaged in the platform, and “when it comes to scalability and speed, TON is still years ahead of everything else in the blockchain realm”

In April 2022, a number of new interesting and promising integrations were announced. Large and reputable decentralized exchanges (MEXC, Huobi, KuCoin and some others) have invested $250 million in a specialized fund launched to develop the TON ecosystem. The fund’s assets are planned to be used to finance grants, community motivation, training programs and the development of a WEB3 infrastructure based on TON. Also, African expansion can be attributed to the mass adoption of the coin. Three countries in this region at once (Congo, Cameroon and the Democratic Republic of the Congo) announced their cooperation with the TON project and the possible use of their blockchain to launch state digital currencies. As with the El Salvador case, the focus of this story is on making financial transactions easier for millions of people who don’t have access to banking services. The logic is simple: everyone with a bank account has a smartphone, but not everyone with a smartphone has a bank account. Therefore, cryptocurrencies and blockchain are really able to provide people with convenient and safe ways to make transactions, pay for goods and services, invest, get loans, and even just get a salary. As part of cooperation with TON, it is planned to launch a national stablecoin and, probably, a mobile client for managing personal finances. It is also expected that the platform will be integrated with the Telegram messenger. We will not turn this article into an advertisement. This is not. But let’s wish TON success - the basic conditions for them are now much better than for the average cryptocurrency startup.