How to get an airdrop from Optimism?

Photo - How to get an airdrop from Optimism?
19% of the total token supply is allocated to user rewards. The first airdrop distributed only 5% of the supply, so 14% of the tokens still remain reserved.
Optimism is a fast, low-cost, stable, and scalable L2 blockchain built by the Ethereum developers. The Optimism architecture is equivalent to the EVM and was created as a minimal extension of the existing Ethereum software that scales your Ethereum applications without challenges.

19% of the total token supply is allocated to user rewards. The first airdrop distributed only 5% of the supply; in monetary terms, some users received up to $30,000 under the drop conditions. The rewards were received by users of the official bridge (OP Bridge), repeat users of the bridge, Gitcoin donators, DAO Voter, and others. Additionally, projects had a multiplier on their allocation (i.e., the more actions you performed, the more tokens you received).

How to qualify for future airdrops?

Since the pool allocated for future token distributions is still significant, we prepared a detailed guide on how to become eligible for future airdrops.
The project team has already announced the upcoming distribution scheduled for February; it will allocate 10 million OP tokens.

1. Quests by Optimism

There are 18 quests in total. To get the highest level, "Tier 3", you must complete only 10. For each completed task, you will receive NFT. All tasks are different and related to the Optimism network ecosystem. The deadline is January 17; there is little time, so hurry up because some quests require holding tokens.

2. Regular activity on the Optimism network

Show your activity on the network, and make exchanges on various resources in the Optimism network.
dApp running on the Optimism network – Uniswap

3. Interaction with other L1 networks

Transfer funds from one network to another. For example, Arbitrum – Optimism, Optimism – Ethereum, etc. Use both the official bridge and the bridges of other projects. 

Other projects supporting the Optimism network:

4. Dao Voting

Be an active voter in L1. There are many projects to choose from. To do this, you must be a holder of any part of the project's tokens conducting such a vote. But it is better to participate in Optimism voting. For this, you must delegate your OP tokens here and vote here.

5. Donate to Gitcoin

Choose any project and donate any amount to it, but it is better to donate to projects that interact with the Optimism network.
6. Use Gnosis Safe multi-signatures

Use of the safe by a group of people. Create a safe, add your second account there, deposit some money, and you're done.

These actions should qualify for a second airdrop by Optimism.