KenGen offers mining companies to work in Kenya on geothermal energy

Photo - KenGen offers mining companies to work in Kenya on geothermal energy
Miners who have faced severe pressure in the US, China, and Eastern Europe may soon begin to flock to the African continent massively.
The largest Kenyan electricity supplier KenGen announced its readiness to provide crypto industry representatives with geothermal energy.
KenGen (Kenya Electricity Generating Company PLC) produces electricity mostly from renewable sources and is ready to meet the needs of miners. Geothermal Development Director, Peketsa Mwangi, stated that the supplier has the resources and territories to ensure stable mining of cryptocurrencies.
The company has already received the first applications from miners from different countries. When discussing the terms of cooperation, it turned out that for some of them, the starting capacity is 20 MWs with the prospect of further increase. The location for miners will be an energy park located at the main KenGen geothermal power plant. The capital of Kenya is a little more than a hundred kilometers from it.
Kenya is Africa’s leading provider of geothermal energy. The total capacity of the equipment, which produces more than 14,000 MWs of electricity, is 863 MWs. Of those, 713 MWs are provided by KenGen. In the near future, the company plans to put into operation an additional unit of an innovative power plant, with which the capacity will increase by 83 MWs.
KenGen’s offer to miners is the company’s contribution to the fight against environmental pollution. The use of alternative energy sources for the mining of digital currencies will significantly reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere.