Layer3 Project: The Quest List for Leveling Up on the Website

Photo - Layer3 Project: The Quest List for Leveling Up on the Website
Layer3 is a project aiming to elevate users' knowledge about crypto and teach them how to interact with different platforms and ecosystems.
The project has already secured partnerships with prominent networks such as Arbitrum, Optimism, Polygon, Avalanche, Ethereum, and others. These collaborations are presented as quests, providing an opportunity to interact with different networks and ecosystem services. Completing quests earns us points - the more points you accumulate, the higher your level on the site. Correspondingly, a higher level propels you up the user ranking of this platform. Some quests can also yield extra rewards in the form of NFTs, which you can store or sell on the secondary market..

Layer3 is an excellent solution for retrodrop hunters. Firstly, it provides a high level of activity for "warming up" your wallets, as it involves interactions with many protocols. Secondly, it offers potential retrodrop opportunities directly from the Layer3 platform in the future.

A good illustration of why it's worth using the Layer3 platform is the recent drop from the Arbitrum project. One of the drop criteria was the number of transactions. Those who undertook Layer3 quests related to the Arbitrum network secured their drop.

Reasons to strive for a level 5 achievement

This serves as the initial milestone in the "Achievements" tab. The project will use this point as a reference when distributing a possible airdrop. At present, Level 5 offers the opportunity to be among the first 75,000 users of Layer3, out of a total of around 350,000. Nonetheless, it's better to continue completing other quests, thereby enhancing your level. A Level 10 achievement allows you to be among the top 35,000 platform users.

We have prepared a quest list for you, upon completion of which you could achieve Level 5 or higher. These quests are entirely free to complete and serve solely for level progression on the website.If you desire to achieve a higher level and "warm up" your wallet on other networks, you should take on other quests.

Survey answers can be attempted by the process of trial and error, and some tasks can simply be skipped.

List of quests for achieving Level 5 or higher: