Mo Tuncay: A Canvas of Genuine Emotions

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Photo - Mo Tuncay: A Canvas of Genuine Emotions
Mo Tunсay, operating under the pseudonym Paschamo, is a Turkish artist who creates abstract paintings. He aims to advance his art by leveraging non-fungible tokens (NFTs).
Born in Denizli, a city in southwestern Turkey, Mo Tuncay moved to the Netherlands after completing his education to start a new chapter in his life and to discover his calling. After much time and effort, he found his passion in traditional painting, which has since become his primary professional activity. Today, his artwork is popular among collectors worldwide, including those situated in the United States, the United Kingdom, and even Australia.

Mo's art is marked by vivid colors and an abstract style. In his creations, he aims to transmit the positive energy and intense passion that engulf him during the artistic process. He believes that the most crucial aspects of art are the artist's personal interpretation and the emotional response it evokes in viewers. Sometimes, Tunсay’s pieces incorporate familiar concepts and figures like a small village or a person, though interpretations are highly subjective.

I cannot tell you how excited I was, when I discoverd the art of painting! As if all my life-experiences wanted to be expressed at once,
Tuncay reflects.
The artist finds inspiration in the urban and natural landscapes he has encountered throughout his life. However, he uses them not as direct references but rather as triggers for his imagination. He recalls a green village in the mountains where he lived during his childhood as one of such inspirations. Besides memories, his girlfriend, who also engages in abstract art and performance art like dance and modeling, motivates and inspires him.

Despite his popularity among traditional art collectors, Tuncay has yet to earn significant recognition within the NFT community. Nevertheless, he continues to work towards success in the blockchain space. His most notable NFT collection is called Paschamo Brushtalk Abstractions, which includes digitized versions of his acrylic paintings. He emphasizes that these NFTs are created purely for collection purposes and offer no additional benefits.
Paschamo Brushtalk Abstractions Collection. Source: Official OpenSea website.

Paschamo Brushtalk Abstractions Collection. Source: Official OpenSea website.

This digital series comprises 200 NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, featuring 20 unique, colorful images, each available in ten editions. As of this writing, the starting price for an NFT from the Paschamo Brushtalk Abstractions collection stands at 0.028 ETH ($89), with a 10% artist royalty.

Additionally, NFT collectors have the chance to obtain physical versions of Tuncay’s paintings through the exclusive ArtiVerse V2 collection, a privilege reserved for early purchasers.

Mo Tuncay does not see his own artistic journey as fully fulfilled yet, as he constantly experiments, explores new approaches, and evolves within the field. He believes that boundless imagination and diligent work invariably lead to the creation of a diverse range of visual narratives—from cozy havens and flights among clouds to mysterious underwater depths.