NFT Collection by Sylvester Stallone

Photo - NFT Collection by Sylvester Stallone
American actor Sylvester Stallone will release a collection of NFTs, as well as provide some NFT holders with the opportunity to meet in person.
Sylvester Stallone joins the celebrities who create NFTs for their fans. Stallone has created a series of 9,997 digital “SLYGuys” named “PlanetSly” which he plans to launch next month on OpenSea. The actor announced the new project on his official Instagram account. Each NFT unit will be a unique piece of digital art and have 200 unique attributes. According to Stallone, he was inspired by art and cinema, in particular by the roles that he had been playing throughout his acting career. Stallone curated each non-fungible token himself, and Clark Mitchell, known for his work with the Marvel and Star Wars universes, participated in the creation of the collection. “Every NFT is unique,” ​​Stallone said. “NFT is much more than just digital collectibles” The project consists of 6 “rounds” and will include official merchandise, PlanetSly community meetings and further possible integration into comics, games or even movies. Stallone will also host a dinner and party where he will talk about the highlights of his life and career.