NFT LA Conference

Photo - NFT LA Conference
NFT LA is a multi-faceted event dedicated to NFT art, with networking parties, virtual reality, speakers, and exhibitions. The event will take place in Los Angeles on March 20-23, 2023.
The event will bring together the creative community in LA's leading entertainment district and LA LIVE venue that hosted the Grammy, Emmy, American Music Awards, and ESPY. The event is aimed at NFT art collectors, investors, creators of non-fungible tokens, and anyone interested in the new world of Web3. 

The conference will be inspired by 250 experts, leaders, and founders of Web3 and NFT projects. Among them, Erick Calderon (CEO & Founder of Art Blocks), Marta Belcher (President & Chair of Filecoin Foundation, and General Counsel at Protocol Labs), Gareb Shamus (CEO of HeroMaker Studios), Edward Zipco (Director & Co-Founder of Superchief Gallery in New York and Los Angeles), Nicole Buffett (one of the 50 most influential people in NFT according to Fortune magazine).

The conference will comprise two stages: the main stage and the breakout stage. Visitors are welcome to listen to the keynote speeches and, if desired, to explore the topic further in additional conference rooms. 

The event program includes an NFT art exhibition. If you wish to present your artwork, you can apply on the conference website

The NFT LA organizers also took care of those who cannot attend the event and decided to go virtual with the Meta Pass. Everyone will get metaverse access to memorable content from anywhere in the world. 

The NFT LA conference is one of The Edge Of Company's annual projects. It advances in the technology industry, owns media, organizes events, and expands its capabilities in Web3. 

NFT LA is organized by The Edge of NFT LA podcast team, which was one of the first co-creators of the project, along with Blockchain Marketing and Honeysweet Creative event specialists.

The founders of the event include:

Jeff Kelley
Entrepreneur and creator, translating ideas into projects. Ex-head of the investment department, a former U.S. Army officer, and a man with extensive leadership experience who knows how to succeed in different areas (real estate, food technology, events, blockchain).

Eathan Janney
Neuroscience Ph.D., with expertise in music, art, science, and business. The artist behind the Spirit Seed NFT collection, which was created in collaboration with NFT influencer Nicole Buffett. An experienced podcaster. 

Zach Sekar
An entrepreneur, known as a super connector in Los Angeles because of his ability to create friendly communities. Zach is inspired by the future of Web3 creativity.

Josh Krieger
Co-founder of Territory Foods. Founded a decentralized culinary architecture. Former manager of the complex data analytics department.

If you want to shape the Web3 future, you should definitely join the pioneers, experts, and leaders at the NFT LA conference. The ticket price ranges from $249 to $2,500.