NFT Scammers Feud: “You Betrayed Me.”

Photo - NFT Scammers Feud: “You Betrayed Me.”
If planning a major NFT heist, make sure that your partner-in-crime “doesn’t need time on his own” after.
Scammers are people too – and they betray each other like all others. 
According to Certik, a blockchain company that deals with smart contract audit, KYC, on-chain monitoring, bug bounty, and pen testing, two scammers involved in the draining of funds via a fake Porsche NFT site had a dramatic conversation.
These scammers, which go by the Zentoh and Kai pseudonyms, were sending each other messages, with one of them expressing bewilderment in Russian after the victim of their crypto heist reached out and asked to return $4.3 million lost.
The scammers then proceeded to have a conversation with each other in English, exposing a dramatic twist of events. In his message, Zentoh tells Kai that he purportedly betrayed him by stealing the funds and not sharing them with him, adding that he will never forgive him and begging:
“to give me what is due to me, don’t forget that I helped and supported you from the beginning to the end […].”
Источник: Etherscan

Источник: Etherscan

Кай, в свою очередь, дерзко отвечает, что ему просто нужно побыть одному, наверное.
Источник: Etherscan

Источник: Etherscan

“In another on-chain message, Zentoh refers to the wallet that received the $4.3 million as “their wallet” suggesting that both scammers had control of the recipient Externally Owned Address (EOA),”
the company writes, adding that the two scammers called the NFT deal a “megawhale.”
Certik was also able to link one of the scammers, Zentoh, to a Telegram account involved in selling the Monkey Drainer-style phishing kit. In his bio, he claims to be the CEO of crypto drainers that sells phishing kits to scammers and provides a tutorial on how the wallet drainers work. 

“There is a direct link between the wallet that Zentoh and Kai controlled and some of the most prominent Monkey Drainer scammer wallets. The two scammers have a direct link to some of the largest Monkey Drainer scam wallets. For example, Zentoh directly funds an EOA with the ENS mountedraf. eth which also formerly held ENS ZachXBT-fan.eth.,” Certik writes.
Taking the investigation one step further, Certik also managed to reveal the identity of Zentoh, underscoring that 
“we believe we can link to the real world identity of Berrich36, who appears to be a French national residing in Russia.”
It is unclear what will happen to the two scammers and whether the authorities have already initiated an investigation.