OpenLink, Metars Genesis, EgoPlatform: 3 newly launched tokens

Photo - OpenLink, Metars Genesis, EgoPlatform: 3 newly launched tokens
We talk about three recently launched tokens with relatively high pricing. Read the material to find out the value of which projects they represent.

Cryptocurrency market innovations

The cryptocurrency market gets new tokens every month. Some of them are created for speculation and have no fundamental concept. Others appear for the same reason but hide their essence behind beautiful descriptions. Yet there are also novelties that are a substantive element of something bigger – an NFT-platform, a metaverse, a blockchain oracle. These are the kinds of coins we will talk about in this collection.

OpenLink (OLINK)

OLINK is a native token of a decentralized oracle for web3.0 networks. The developers compare the product to a transit box. At the time of writing, the cryptocurrency's value has reached a high of $7.

Through OpenLink, connection and verification of a blockchain with certain real-world data are processed. Oracle allows the network to run without disruptions and is a reliable assistant for all applications that function on the blockchain.

The interface between OpenLink and data requests initiated by smart contracts is a contract in the chain. Customers can use their own nodes and services, and the aggregation contract will collect the data transmitted by Oracle, aggregate them, and provide the final result. 

OpenLink outside the blockchain is a network of oracle nodes that receive the necessary data and send them to the aggregation contract. The OpenLink software has open-source code with a standard connection to the blockchain and other autonomous resources.

Metars Genesis (MRS)

MRS is the governance token for a decentralized religious NFT platform that combines an art gallery and a metaverse. As the project develops, users will be able to view the most remarkable religious works of art using VR technology.

The combination of religion and digital technology may seem strange to many, but we see that it is possible and even popular. The value of the MRS token at the time of writing is $3. Coin issuance is limited to $1 billion.

Token holders will be able to receive dividends from the platform as well as participate in airdrops. MRS will be used as an incentive for growth within the project, exploring the metaverse, creating, selling, and buying NFTs.

The platform works on the DAO principle: all token owners can participate in various votes and influence the further fate of the project. Metars supports the following blockchains: OKXChain, BNBchain, and Ethereum.

EgoPlatform (EGO)

EGO is an altcoin of a decentralized NFT ecosystem dedicated to helping artists and collectors start interacting with digital contemporary art. The coin's price is trading at $0.174. 

EgoPlatform has a unique way of incentivizing token purchases:
  • if a person purchases 10,000 to 20,000 coins, s/he receives a 25 percent discount on NFT minting and transaction fees;
  • 20,000 – 50,000 tokens give a 50% discount on NFT minting and costs;
  • a purchase of more than 50,000 tokens provides the right to interact with the platform for free.

The project is based on Plutus smart contracts and consists of three components: the NFT Marketplace for creating, buying, and selling artwork, NFT Launchpad, and NFT staking. 

All sales on the marketplace are made through self-executing smart contracts using tokens and Cardano stablecoins. As the developers say, the marketplace will improve the user experience and alleviate NFT’s liquidity issues with “buy now,” “standard auction,” and “Dutch auction” elements.

NFT Launchpad is a specialized platform that gives EGO owners access to multiple vaults, in each of which Cardano tokens can be earned. This service is designed for those who want to launch their EGO-based project. It also provides early access to a wide range of work. New vaults will soon be available for potential partnerships and investment opportunities.

NFT staking is the long-term holding of non-fungible tokens for passive income, insured against volatility. Thus, EGO users can earn from staking NFT collections to make maximum use of their digital resources.

Will the new tokens of the described projects be in demand during such a troubled and volatile historical period? Time will tell.