Primitives transforms the digital wallet into a social network

Photo - Primitives transforms the digital wallet into a social network
A crypto wallet is not only a place to store digital currencies and NFTs but also a tool for communicating with friends, storing and playing music, and other content. In fact, in the future, it can become an alternative to a smartphone.
This is precisely what DJ Gabeau, one of the engineers behind Snapchat Stories and the founder of the web3 Primitives social network, thinks.

The unique startup in the NFT industry has launched a waiting list

Primitives is a fresh look at NFTs. The project can make them more common among users while helping avoid the difficulties associated with the creation or purchase. Gabeau spoke about this in an interview with TechCrunch.
The startup, which has raised $4 million in investment from Redpoint, Union Square Ventures, Harlem Capital, Stellation Capital, and other investors, is entering the market and offering users to turn NFT-related operations into exciting quests.
Primitives users can:
Soon, the platform is expected to integrate with Ethereum wallets, offer peer-to-peer messaging through wallets, and launch its own secondary market, providing Primitives with earnings every time an NFT is transferred from one user to another.
According to Gabeau, the platform is in the beta stage, and its official launch will take place approximately in a month. At this stage, Primitives is not going to involve well-known brands. The main goal of the platform is to focus on friends, hoping that brands will come to cooperate themselves.