Registration for the sale B of Verse tokens is open

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Photo - Registration for the sale B of Verse tokens is open users have an opportunity to be whitelisted for the Verse token sale planned for June. The news about the start of registration was published on the company’s website.
Verse is a utility token and reward for active users of the ecosystem who contribute to its development. Since 2015, the platform has been a leader in attracting new participants to the crypto industry. During this time, the number of registered wallets reached 30 million, and the number of active users reached 5 million.

What you need to know about Verse

Verse is a cross-chain token based on the ERC-20 standard. The company plans to issue a limited number of tokens in the amount of 210 billion. Their distribution will be carried out block by block for seven years according to the plan approved by the company:

Token features

In the ecosystem, Verse becomes a reward for various transactions. Platform users are offered to:

How to register for the June sale

To participate in sale B and be whitelisted, you need to: You can learn more about the characteristics of the Verse token and its mission in the ecosystem in the corresponding white paper.