🚀 Developer Deploys Ethereum Node On PlayStation 4

posted  6 Nov 2023
Photo - Developer Deploys Ethereum Node On PlayStation 4
Ethereum Foundation researcher Mario Havel acquired an old gaming console for a mere $150, all in the name of a unique experiment.
Source: https://twitter.com/TMIYChao/status/1720182814119735340

Source: https://twitter.com/TMIYChao/status/1720182814119735340

Why an old model, you ask? Well, only PlayStation 4 consoles with firmware version 9.0 or earlier have a specific vulnerability that allows for control takeover.

Mario successfully installed Linux on the console and managed to set up an Ethereum node.

"Speaking about execution speed, I was getting around 10-25MGas/s on the mainnet," Mario wrote in his comprehensive guide.

And, of course, let's not forget the essential tool in this trick – a pair of green pliers, as seen in the photo.