Simpsons Mocked NFTs. How Did the Viewers React?

Photo - Simpsons Mocked NFTs. How Did the Viewers React?
The Simpsons always have to say something about everything. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are no exception.
It was a funny Halloween. We got to see Heidi Klum's latest costume which was a bizarre peacock, US POTUS’s Joe Biden’s reaction to different kids outfits (pretty scary stuff if you ask us) as well as the Simpsons’s attempt to tap into the world of NFTs.
Scared POTUS. Source: Getty Images

Scared POTUS. Source: Getty Images

For the uninitiated, the iconic cartoon made an NFT-inspired episode dubbed "Wild Barts Can’t Be Token," where Bart accidentally turns into an NFT worth $1.5 million.

It all starts when the mayor of the city, Mayor Quimby, known for his rather questionable ethics, announces that all expositions at the local museum will now be turned into NFTs, adding “whatever the hell those are.”

As part of the plot, Bart’s blue-haired mom Marge embarks on a mission to save him. Her team includes “enlightened intellectuals who safeguard the crypto-verse” such as model Kylie Jenner, former footballer Rob Gronkowski, and talk-show host Jimmy Fallon.

Marge then transforms herself into an NFT,  navigates the blockchain metaverse, and eventually saves Bart. His father Homer – a man of dubious intellectual qualities – decides to turn himself into an NFT as well, only to find out that it’s worthless.  Ending the episode with his iconic catchphrase “Doh!".

This is not the first time NFTs appear in the show. Last year, they were also featured in an episode called  "The King of Nice”. In it, the infamous clown  Krusty the Clown is forced by his agent Ron Rabinowitz to appear on a show called Cameo after he spent all his money on NFTs.

Meanwhile, in another episode the Simpsons featured the BTC price ticker as the infinity symbol.

So, what happened after the show?

Even though the Simpsons overtly mock NFTs, which took a great hit after a report was published on their total lack of value,  people seemed to have enjoyed it a lot. 

As a result, it generated a lot of buzz, on X (Twitter) included.

One user wrote that the “Simpsons saved NFTs” while another one noted that the "Simpsons are predicting NFTs will be worth $1,500,000. They never miss. We're so back.” His remark referred to the purported ability of the creators to predict the future, including Trump’s presidency.

The well-known artist Beeple, the artist behind “Everydays and Human One” also took to Twitter to express his excitement, saying that it is “impossible to overstate the impact of Simpsons on me growing up, bucket list moment.” His work appeared in the cartoon alongside references to the Bored Apes and more.
Beeple’s tweet. Source: X (Twitter)

Beeple’s tweet. Source: X (Twitter)

The created hype also resulted in a massive boost for the ‘Springfield Punks’ NFT collection launched by Italian artist Rino Russo. It rapidly sold out, surpassing $2 million in trading volume.

Will the Simpson’s manage to save the NFT realm after all?

Let’s make that rhetorical.

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