Solana x Jump Hacker Houses European tour

Photo - Solana x Jump Hacker Houses European tour
On June 14, 2022, the Solana Foundation will launch the Solana x Jump Hacker Houses legendary events European tour. Solana developers from all over the continent will be able to participate in it.
Solana x Jump Hacker Houses are unique events where developers connect, learn, work in teams, and launch the next generation of Web 3 projects. Valuable knowledge, mentors, networking, and inspiration await participants in a specialized community. #HackerHouseAustin is taking place in the US from June 4th to 9th, featuring highlights on Twitter of Solana and Hacker House.
The Solana x Jump Hacker Houses European tour will cover the entire continent “from the Danube to the Thames”. Places for events will be:

Solana Hacker House X

In addition to the Solana x Jump Hacker Houses format already familiar to the crypto community, the Solana Foundation is also launching a new concept of Solana Hacker House X events. They are created for a community that includes not only developers but also ecosystem members.
The Solana Foundation was inspired to create another format of regular meetings by mass events such as mtnDAO. The first “swallow” from the Hacker House X community was AthensDAO, which launched on May 22-28, 2022.
An introductory form with all the details of the upcoming event must be filled out to organize Hacker House X events. According to the Solana Foundation, meetings of this format will be held more and more often.