Taiko, Caldera, Burnt: Three Promising Testnets

Photo - Taiko, Caldera, Burnt: Three Promising Testnets
In January 2024, the Altlayer cryptocurrency project launched a retroactive airdrop to its early testnet users, significantly boosting interest in such activities. Here, we've compiled a guide to the most promising upcoming testnets.
Among the projects announcing rewards for testnet participation are Taiko, Burnt, and Caldera. Below is a detailed overview of activities likely to yield potential rewards.


Taiko is the zkRollup-based Ethereum Layer 2 network designed to let developers seamlessly migrate applications from Layer 1 without modifying the code.

According to Cryptorank, Taiko has secured $22 million from crypto funds such as OKX Ventures, Mirana Ventures, KuCoin Ventures, and more. Additionally, an investment round with Skyland Ventures as the main investor was conducted on April 14, 2023, for an undisclosed amount.

How to participate in Taiko's testnet:

  • Add Taiko Katla and Holesky test networks to your Metamask wallet by connecting it to the Chainlist website.
  • Obtain test tokens on the Holesky network via a dedicated faucet.
  • Then, claim HORCE test tokens from this faucet.
  • Use a bridge to transfer the acquired ETH and HORSE coins to the Taiko Katla network.

Upon completing these steps, you're set to test the Taiko network. Connect to the website to perform typical DeFi application operations, such as token swapping and liquidity farming.
Taiko test application homepage. Source: swap.katla.taiko.xyz

Taiko test application homepage. Source: swap.katla.taiko.xyz

Additional tasks might include participating in quests on the Galxe platform. While all quests were completed at the time of writing, new ones may soon become available, so it's wise to complete preliminary activities in advance.


Following a similar ZK-rollup model with identical functions, this protocol has attracted $9 million from leading crypto funds including Sequoia Capital, Dragonfly Capital, and 1kx. 

The team recently announced the launch of their public Testnet in a dedicated article. Activities currently available are:

  • Add Goerli and Polygon USDC networks to your Metamask wallet via the Caldera Testnet website.
  • Claim test tokens by clicking on the "Request faucet funds" button.
  • Test the application by executing token exchanges.
  • You can also deploy a smart contract following the official guide.
Caldera test application interface. Source: eth-goerli-testnet.calderabridge.xyz

Caldera test application interface. Source: eth-goerli-testnet.calderabridge.xyz

Due to high demand, the testnet site may load slowly, so it's advisable to check back periodically.

Burnt (XION)

Previously covered in an article about promising ambassador programs, Burnt is essentially the team behind the Layer1 blockchain XION and its native token. 

XION has garnered $11 million from firms like HashKey Capital, The Spartan Group, Multicoin Capital, among others. In October 2023, the team held an additional funding round, the details of which remain undisclosed.

Guide to participating in the Burnt (XION) testnet:

  • Navigate to the website and verify your email address.
  • Complete available social tasks such as following on Twitter and Discord, inviting friends, etc. You can claim a badge upon completion (wallet connection not required).
  • Participate in social quests on platforms like Galxe and Guild.
XION testnet homepage. Source: xion.bonusblock.io

XION testnet homepage. Source: xion.bonusblock.io

2024 Testnet Highlights

Considering most testnets now incorporate numerous social tasks, including activities on social media platforms, prioritize account quality over the number of potential wallets. 

Projects already possessing their tokens are launching test networks as well. This strategy effectively attracts users on a bullish market, bringing not only traffic but liquidity. Thus, engaging in testnets is an exceedingly promising venture at the moment. 

For all available Testnet activities, visit our official website.