The Metaverse will have its own wallet

Photo - The Metaverse will have its own wallet
The wallet, which will be used in the Metaverse, will be a restart of the already existing Facebook payment system. The wallet will keep current functions and obtain new ones that meet the standards of the metaverse.
According to the creators, Meta Pay will work in all applications integrated into the metaverse. In addition, one of the essential aspects that will appear in the new digital wallet will be the owner’s identification and confirmation of property rights.
In the future, there will be all sorts of digital items you might want to create or buy – digital clothing, art, videos, music, experiences, virtual events, and more. Proof of ownership will be important, especially if you want to take some of these items with you across different services.
said Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg.
According to him, all items purchased within the metaverse will be available on all services anyway. The digital wallet will facilitate it in the future metaverse due to synchronization.
There’s a long way to get there, but this kind of interoperability will deliver much better experiences for people and larger opportunities for creators. That is, the more places you can easily use your digital goods, the more you’ll value them, which creates a bigger market for creators.
he said.
According to the development team, the metaverse will interest billions of people who will become active users of Meta and will be the company’s primary source of income.
Earlier, Mark Zuckerberg announced the opening of a digital store where Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger users will be able to buy items from authentic brands to customize their accounts.