The most popular NFT collectors’ accounts

Photo - The most popular NFT collectors’ accounts
There are three types of NFT buyers: beginners, traders, and collectors. The first ones are just starting their journey in the world of copyright tokens. Their purchases are impulsive and frequently result in financial losses.
Buyers and traders are purposefully looking for tokens that can generate income through resale. Sometimes they shop under the influence of FOMO and try to earn money through a promoted, but empty, project. Don't rely on their experience.

We suggest following professional collectors. Fortunately, there are those among them who actively share the secrets of selecting the right rare NFTs with beginners. And their earnings demonstrate that they truly understand the market for one-of-a-kind art objects. We did some research on collectors' Twitter accounts and selected the best accounts for you to follow.

For the evaluation, several parameters should be tracked:

1. Interest in the collector from influential people (management of stock exchanges and VR museums, curators, artists, designers, crypto legends).

2. The published content's quality.

3. Growth rate of followers. The number is not so important; everyone knows that it is possible to artificially increase the number of subscribers.

4. The number of views and comments. Engaged followers are a good indicator of a live account.
We have chosen the top five channels to which you should subscribe if you want to receive reliable information free of scams. It is possible that there is some hidden advertising for certain collections. We are unable to provide a complete guarantee in this instance.

Cozomo de’ Medici

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

CozomoMedici is an anonymous collector, investor, and philosopher. He has become one of the most popular and prominent figures in the NFT community. He created the account in August 2021 and quickly got a sizable following (now 272K). Under a pseudonym, he has been actively posting cryptic tweets, sharing selfies with major celebrities, and trolling the NFT community by pretending to be the legendary rapper Snoop Dogg. Since Cozomo is happy to purchase NFT music tracks, it is clear that he has connections with many well-known figures in the American music industry. Furthermore, he has a reputation of a crypto market supporter, collecting tokens from well-known creators, and establishing a vast network of investors through the Medici Group.

Aside from Twitter, he publishes a lot of analytical and philosophical articles on his website


Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

Batsoupyum doesn’t have as many subscribers as Cozomo, but he publishes more informative content, conducts quality analyses of new collections, and provides sound advice to newcomers.

He also ranks among the biggest collectors on the SuperRare platform. Unlike most public influencers, he does not have a collection of thousands of NFTs, but he does have a small collection with an average price of $25,000. He gathers extremely rare digitized images, well-known artist paintings, and excellent digital punk art.

Posts and podcasts that offer the community useful information with no hint of hype demonstrate the formality and professionalism of Batsoupyum.
Feel free to subscribe if you prefer serious analysis to quick money on apes.

Collin Dyer

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

Collin Dyer is a major collector of modern crypto art on the SuperRare platform and founder of DAO for NFT projects. He began purchasing digital works of promising artists in 2019, when few people were aware of non-fungible tokens and made a lot of money from reselling them.

There were eight NFTs in a single copy.  They were created by iconic artists MattiaC, MightyMoose, LuchoP, Yeli, and RafaelM.
Collin sees a growing demand for NFTs that were released before the technology was widely known. It's similar to purchasing a work of art before the author becomes well-known. Since NFT was little known until 2021, the first participants were small creators who are now receiving significant offers for their early artworks.

Collin Dyer is a professional fine art curator. Therefore, if you want to amass a collection of truly unique works for long-term storage, you should pay attention to his advice.
Visit Collin's blog on Medium to read his articles and advice.

Keyboard Monkey

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

One of the most successful traders in the NFT space is Keyboard Monkey, or KBM. He has ten years of trading experience in stocks and cryptocurrencies. He was one of the first to follow the trend of non-fungible tokens and has achieved great success on OpenSea by turning trading into a science.

KBM is regarded as a high-end artworks hunter and offers practical guidance on how to play the NFT market. Furthermore, he regularly supports promising creators and invests a portion of his income in promoting collections that he personally likes. He frequently appears on podcasts to share his strategies and vlogs for the NFT community on YouTube.

You should follow Keyboard Monkey if you intend to actively trade digital apes!


Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

DCinvestor.eth is one of the leading investors and consultants for NFT projects. Some refer to him as "the owner of the world's largest NFT portfolio." He was one of the early blockchain enthusiasts, and once NFTs became popular, he went all-in on cryptopunk. His collection includes pieces from some of the most well-known NFT artists, including Beeple, Hackatao, Pak, CryptoPunks, and Art Blocks. 

His reputation as a skilled and knowledgeable collector is well-established. He frequently leaks inside information about what is going on in the NFT space. OpenSea collections are his specialty.

It is up to each individual whether to follow his advice when making a purchase. However, keep in mind that he can provide advice on projects in which he has personally invested.
It appears more reasonable to trust collectors and traders than investors.