The Most Popular Solana NFT Collections

Photo - The Most Popular Solana NFT Collections
The NFT market has recently been undergoing a resurgence, particularly evident within the Solana ecosystem where prices of some popular collections have soared to new heights.
A key driver of the NFT popularity surge on Solana is the bullish trend in the digital assets market. Bitcoin's dominance index has climbed to 53%, and its market capitalization now surpasses $818 billion, drawing increased attention to other digital assets, including NFTs.

The expansion of Solana's network infrastructure also plays a significant role. November saw the launch of several new NFT marketplaces on the platform, including Magic Eden, SolSea, and Solanart. Solana also debuted several new promising NFT projects: Claynosaurz, Okay Bears, BONKz, Quekz, and Chads. 

Here's a quick review of the collections that have captivated buyers' interest and propelled the Solana marketplaces to the forefront of sales charts.


Quantity: 10,222
Theme: Dinosaurs
Style: 3D Graphics
Price: From 61.77 SOL (~$4,323)
Claynosaurz on Solana. Source:

Claynosaurz on Solana. Source:

Claynosaurz is an NFT collection featuring unique “clay” dinosaurs, crafted by a team of skilled animators who have experience with Disney, Warner Bros., Universal, and Netflix. These digital artworks are distinguished by their vibrant colors and amusing details, giving them a whimsical, cartoon-like appearance that's likely appealing to children. Released in November 2022, the collection swiftly became one of the hottest on the Solana network.
More about this project can be found here.

Okay Bears

Quantity: 10,000
Theme: Bears
Style: Pixel Graphics
Price: From 21.3 SOL (~$1,450)
Token holders of Okay Bears share positivity. Source: okaybears

Token holders of Okay Bears share positivity. Source: okaybears

Launched in April 2022, Okay Bears is a premier NFT series with a total of 10,000 pieces and a staggering $18 million in sales on its first day. The collection's core theme, "Everything will be okay," resonates with the broader crypto community. These cheerful bears are popular for creating unique social media avatars and also for reselling: in October and November 2023, the price of these NFTs doubled.

The "Okay" brand is also recognized in fashion, with OKAY BEARS® clothing available in 1,149 Zara stores worldwide.

OKAY BEARS® kids' t-shirts. Source: Zara


Quantity: 10,000
Theme: Abstract Figures
Style: Geometric
Price: From 84.89 SOL (~$5,600)
Feature: cNFT
Tensorians - “compressed NFTs”. Source:

Tensorians - “compressed NFTs”. Source:

Released in August 2023, the Tensorians series is currently the priciest collection on the Solana blockchain.

The set's creator is the trading marketplace Tensor, which pioneered the "compression" format for digital collectibles. 
Unlike traditional NFTs, cNFT data is stored off-chain, reducing minting costs. 
These tokens serve as vouchers, granting owners access to the Tensor community and exclusive rewards.


Quantity: 15,000
Theme: Memes
Style: Abstract
Price: From 5.37 SOL (~$370)
BONKz NFTs were created by four authors. Source:

BONKz NFTs were created by four authors. Source:

The BONKz series originated from the BONK token distribution in December 2022, initially as an airdrop byproduct. 
The collection quickly gained popularity among users fond of internet memes, expressive dog characters, and creativity. 
BONKz's uniqueness lies in their singularity — during the minting process, BONK tokens are burned. To date, about $500,000 worth of tokens have been burned, with the project's total capitalization at $622,867,566. The secondary product of the project has arguably outshone the main one. 


Quantity: 10,000
Theme: Memes
Style: Pixel Graphics
Price: From 12.6 SOL (~$870)
Chads are created on the Solana blockchain. Source:

Chads are created on the Solana blockchain. Source:

Chads is an NFT collection of 10,000 unique pixel characters styled as "bad boys." Released in April 2023, it quickly captured the interest of collectors who appreciate humor and self-irony. Initially, these characters were priced around 0.5 SOL, but their value has since escalated, with resales surpassing 10 SOL.

These collections share common characteristics: they stem from creative concepts, are priced accessibly for a broad range of collectors, and receive active promotion on social networks and digital marketplaces.