The Perks of Being an Ambassador: What Rewards Await Participants

Photo - The Perks of Being an Ambassador: What Rewards Await Participants
By completing various tasks, you are helping the project to grow, and in return, it rewards you. The rewards may come in the form of stablecoins, NFTs, project tokens, or even an allocation in a token sale.
An Ambassador Program is an initiative that helps a project attract supporters to aid in its development and marketing efforts.

Tasks for ambassadors may vary from one project to another, but typically include the following types of work:

1) Translating official documents, articles, and content into other languages.

2) Creating graphic content such as infographics, memes, fan art, sticker packs, emojis, and more.

3) Creating video reviews of the project and its development.

4) Establishing a regional community on Telegram.

5) Moderating the community (assisting newcomers in chats).

6) Conducting AMA sessions.

7) Hosting events for the community.

8) Writing articles.

This is not an exhaustive list, as participants are encouraged to display their creativity and stand out from the others. If you demonstrate a desire to help develop the project, the team may reward you with additional incentives or even extend an invitation to join the team. All tasks can be found on the project's Discord or blog.

To apply for Ambassador Programs, you will most likely need to follow these steps:

• Your full name (you may also need to take a KYC)

• Your email address

• Links to your social media profiles and portfolio

• The languages you speak

• How you found out about the project

• Your past experience with other projects

• Your goals and objectives

• The tasks you can perform

• Links to the work you have already conducted for the given project

Having a significant following as an influencer can be an advantage.
Once the application period ends, the project team will review all submissions. If your application is successful, you will receive an email or message on one of your social media accounts with further instructions. You may be accepted immediately or asked to participate in an interview. English is the primary language used for communication with the team, so having a good command of the language can be very helpful. If you are not confident in your English skills, try to be creative, use a good translator, or bring a translator with you to the interview. In fact, there was one case where the team was actually impressed by it.

How much money can you make as an Ambassador?

One of the most successful Ambassador Programs was run by the Moonriver project.

Ambassadors usually work for about five months. In August, the most active ambassadors earned 250 project tokens, which could be sold for anywhere between $18,000 and $120,000 (depending on the market). Additionally, ambassadors received a $5,000 allocation for the public investment round.

The rewards for participating in an Ambassador Program vary depending on the project. 

Some of the incentives might include:

 • Stablecoins or tokens that are already trading

 • NFTs (if the project offers them)

 • Allocations for early token purchases

 • Project tokens that are not yet available on the market.


In a bearish market, rewards that can be easily converted into fiat money may appear more appealing since you know precisely how much you can earn straight away. Nevertheless, it's crucial not to overlook Ambassador Programs from projects that have raised substantial investments. Even if a project allocates just 0.5% of the overall funds collected for a limited number of ambassadors, it could still have a significant impact on your life.