The Shopify platform expands an NFT usage format

Photo - The Shopify platform expands an NFT usage format
For better interaction with buyers on the Shopify e-commerce platform, online store sellers will be offered to use NFT.
This is a new way of communication between the seller and the buyer. This functionality provides new opportunities and gives access to exclusive content and products.
the developers said during the NFT.NYC digital asset conference, which took place in Times Square.
An early version of this option was tested on the site by a group of merchants chosen by the developers. This function is now available to all sellers anywhere in the world.
Now platform customers will be able to connect their crypto wallet to Shopify stores and confirm that they own certain tokens. Due to this function, in the future, they will be able to participate in pre-sales of various products, which are held on the platform.
It can be both virtual and real items. We call it a “tokenized” commerce.
Shopify noted.
Also, since last year, on the Shopify platform, some merchants can trade NFT directly without involving third parties or intermediaries for this.
In the future, the company plans to integrate the Lightning Network through a partnership with Strike.
The platform was developed in Canada in 2006. Thanks to the platform software, which integrates many applications and functionalities, users can design and create their online stores. According to Shopify, they currently serve over a million customers worldwide.