Tiffany releases a limited collection of NFT pendants, $50,000 each

Photo - Tiffany releases a limited collection of NFT pendants, $50,000 each
Starting from August 2022, owners of one or several NFTs from the CryptoPunk collection can benefit from the NFTiff service launched by Tiffany.
The task of the service is quite simple - to turn your NFT images into precious jewelry. But not everyone will be able to afford it. The price of this jewelry is 30 ETH ($50,000). And yes, you can buy it only for Ethereum. Also, the number of these products is limited – only 250 pieces. Each buyer will be able to purchase no more than three of these pendants.

CryptoPunk is one of the first NFT collections on the ETH blockchain, launched in 2017. These are 10,000 unique images of men and women (in very rare cases: zombies, animals, aliens), consisting of 87 unique attributes. Initially, the project was an experiment that evolved into a community.

Alexandre Arnault, vice president of Tiffany, makes no secret of his love for NFT. He noted that he is in awe of those who collect NFT and considers it an important cultural legacy. He knows many of CryptoPunk’s NFT owners personally, as he is one of them. 

You will be able to get a finished copy of your NFT at the beginning of 2023. Only 18-karat rose and yellow gold will be used for the jewelry, as well as more than 30 precious stones and diamonds. The pendant itself will be about 30mm long and 20 to 30mm wide. A chain completes this whole ensemble with rectangular links that resemble pixels. The purchaser has the right to choose additional details and jewelry colors.

The service will be launched on August 5.