Top 3 mobile apps for investment portfolio management

Photo - Top 3 mobile apps for investment portfolio management
Any investor should be able to manage their investment portfolio "on the go" without being tied to a computer or a permanent workplace. They may use specialized mobile applications, many of which are created specifically for digital assets.

Delta Investment Tracker

Downloads: >1 mln
Rating: 4.7★

This application is designed for professional investors to simultaneously control different types of assets from all markets on an all-in-one basis. Delta Investment Tracker allows you to track crypto assets, stocks, ETFs, commodities, indices, futures, options, bonds, precious metals, NFTs, and currency pairs from the FOREX market in a single and convenient interface.

In the application, you can import data from exchanges, wallets, or tables or add them manually.

The mobile application is integrated with the eToro, so you can purchase assets at the rates relevant to this broker's trading platform. This brings the application as close as possible to the wallet format.

Delta Investment Tracker has a convenient notification system with information about the rate changes in assets. After forming an investment portfolio, you can analyze the structure of assets using charts, graphs, investment reports, and metrics and get acquainted with news from investment and financial markets.

To get even more functionality and tools (there's more?), you need to upgrade to the paid version. The developers offer a 1-month free trial.

  • a free version with powerful functionality;
  • tracking the profitability of an investment portfolio with the maximum number of different assets;
  • access to all markets: cryptocurrencies, stocks, indices, ETFs, commodities, Forex, NFTs, gold, etc.;
  • automatic synchronization and integration with different wallets, brokers, exchanges, or banks + data import;
  • powerful tools, informative charts, and graphs;
  • news and notification system.

The number of downloads has already exceeded 1 million, indicating the application's popularity among retail investors. A score of 4.7 demonstrates a high level of satisfaction with the features and tools in the free version.

Crypto Tracker – CoinStats

Downloads: >1 mln
Rating: 4.8★

The CoinStats mobile application allows you to synchronize the entire portfolio of cryptocurrencies in one program and save NFTs. A feature of CoinStats is an integrated DeFi wallet and the ability to place a widget on the main screen of a smartphone or tablet that informs about changes in the rate of a particular asset. This application is suitable for both beginners and experienced investors. The functionality allows you to control the profitability of an investment portfolio in real-time, receive personalized analytics, read cryptocurrency news from more than 40 sources and instantly track the change in the value of the assets using customizable cryptocurrency notifications.

  • tracking the profitability of an investment portfolio, where, in addition to Bitcoin and Ethereum, users can add more than 5,000 other crypto assets thanks to integration with 250+ exchanges and trading platforms via API;
  • CoinStats DeFi wallet;
  • purchase of cryptocurrencies for fiat using a credit card;
  • exchange and trade in cryptocurrencies without leaving the application;
  • obtaining passive income through staking coins;
  • notification system about changes in the value of assets;
  • storage of NFTs;
  • calculators for quick conversion of a selected pair of assets;
  • widget-informer on the main screen.

The most significant disadvantage is that CoinStats has no free version. The developers offer a 3-day free trial, after which the user must choose one of several paid packages (Pro or Premium) to continue using all the application functions. Such a purely commercial approach wipes out all the advantages.

Crypto Blockfolio

Downloads: >100K
Rating: 4.9★

The first mobile app, Blockfolio, appeared on Google Play in 2014. It has become very popular among crypto investors, especially beginners, due to its simple and intuitive interface. There were simply no alternatives to this free app in the 2000s. In the summer of 2020, the FTX exchange showed interest in Blockfolio. They wanted to acquire the project to create a new exchange mobile application based on it. Everybody knows what happened to the FTX exchange at the end of 2022. Gagarin News extensively covered its crash.

Although, as the saying goes, a holy place is never empty. Launched in 2020, the Crypto Blockfolio app is very similar to its predecessor and has inherited the same simplicity and user-friendly interface, which is convenient even for beginners.

The primary function of Crypto Blockfolio has remained the same – monitoring the profitability of the investment portfolio and tracking the changes in the value of each asset. Although besides this, the developers have added a few more features. Crypto Blockfolio is one of the best cryptocurrency trackers. It monitors the market capitalization, rating, and price changes in graphs and charts with portfolio management and asset comparison tools, a currency converter, and a news aggregator.

  • free version available;
  • simple, pleasant, and intuitive interface;
  • tracking the profitability of the investment portfolio with the ability to add 9,000+ crypto assets;
  • investment portfolio and asset management tools;
  • informative charts and graphs;
  • news and notification system.

This application is worth downloading for every novice investor who are just taking their first steps into the world of virtual assets, although it will be optional for the pros. 

And the icing on the cake: Bitcoin Ticker Widget

Downloads: >1 mln
Rating: 4.5★

This is not an app but a widget used by more than 1 million investors. It is convenient because it helps monitor the current exchange rate of specific cryptocurrencies in real time without running any applications. The widget is placed on the main screen of a smartphone or tablet in the desired size. In addition, it has a convenient notification system, and you can also use it to create a portfolio to monitor changes in the value of crypto assets. The Bitcoin Ticker Widget is free, so by using it, you can bypass the limitations of paid solutions like CoinStats and get the functionality you want.