TOP 5 mobile crypto wallets

Photo - TOP 5 mobile crypto wallets
Mobile wallets are a popular way to store your cryptocurrency, which also allows you to conveniently use it from your smartphone.
FTX collapse forced users to massively withdraw money from exchanges to personal wallets. Cold storage like Ledger or Trezor is designed for long-term investing, but not for using crypto daily. 

In this case, you need a mobile wallet. Seed phrases and standard smartphone security in the form of a password and Face ID are quite enough for stable performance. The main thing here is to not lose your phone and this is the responsibility of the user itself.

We have compiled the TOP 5 mobile crypto wallets that are very popular among crypto enthusiasts.

Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet is one of the most popular wallets. A browser version was also released a week earlier, so now you can use Trust even from a computer. Many cryptocurrencies are available by default, as well as dozens of EVM networks and tokens, which can be added to the wallet through a contract. Trust supports NFT and has built-in DEX functionality. Nevertheless, it is more profitable to connect to any DEX in the “Browser” section and exchange your crypto there, because Trust takes an additional fee for services.

Trust Wallet wins by its simplicity. The project has a native TWT token, which has grown by 150% in the last month amid the collapse of FTX. The price of TWT is $2.2 and the project boasts a capitalization of $940 million. 
Trust Wallet crypto wallet functionality

Trust Wallet crypto wallet functionality


Mobile version of the most popular wallet for the Google Chrome browser. Metamask supports Ethereum and all EVM networks which can be added manually or through the service.

Metamask also supports NFT, decentralized exchanges and applications through a built-in browser. The main disadvantage of Metamask is its focus only on the Ethereum network and blockchains with the same architecture. It is not compatible with blockchains like Solana, Polkadot, etc. 

Metamask does not have its token, but the team announced its development and launch back in the spring. The coin can be obtained by early users of the wallet through exchanges, cross-chain transactions, and by using the bridge.
Metamask crypto wallet functionality

Metamask crypto wallet functionality

Coin 98

This wallet is very much like a crypto exchange. It has all the necessary tools of a trading platform: you can buy crypto with fiat, use test token faucets, stake coins, swap coins between networks, etc. 

Coin 98 supports a lot of blockchains, including some networks that are not even running on the Mainnet (such as Sui). There is also a referral program that allows you to earn points for inviting new users. 

C98 is a native token of a project. The current price is $0.23, and the market capitalization is around $65 million.
Coin 98 crypto wallet functionality

Coin 98 crypto wallet functionality

1Inch Wallet

It is a 1Inch decentralized exchange aggregator wallet. We did a full review of this platform in this article. The wallet looks pretty much like Metamask, but all the networks are integrated by default, without the need for manual input. The wallet also shows how many different tokens are on the user's account, even if the coin is not in the available browsers.

It was possible to exchange tokens through your DEX right in your wallet in the early version of the application, but for some reason, over time this feature was removed. Now you can do swaps in the built-in browser.

According to Coingecko 1INCH is in the TOP 100 by market capitalization and is trading at around $0.52.
1Inch crypto wallet functionality

1Inch crypto wallet functionality


A dark horse of mobile wallets, that is very popular among traders. Decorated in a blue-violet color background, it has desktop and browser versions. The wallet supports 252 different cryptocurrencies and tokens. Token listing occurs through the integration of new networks by the developers. Users can store and view NFTs, connect to dApps and top up their wallets via bank transfer. 

Exodus allows users to stake a range of coins (SOL, DOT, ATOM, ALGO, etc.) through official validators. The wallet does not have its own token, which gives a hint of its appearance in the future.
Exodus crypto wallet functionality

Exodus crypto wallet functionality

Today's list does not include crypto wallets of individual networks. These are multi-currency wallets that allow you to store and use the most popular cryptocurrencies. In terms of security mobile wallets do not differ very much among themselves, so the main criterias are the features and capabilities of the wallet.