Unstoppable Domains Review: Create your digital profile

Photo - Unstoppable Domains Review: Create your digital profile
Unstoppable Domains is a San Francisco-based company that allows users to buy decentralized domains. In 2018, it was founded by the Americans Matthew Gould, Bradley Kam, Braden Pechersky, and Ukrainian Bohdan Gusev.
Bradley, who had previously worked with Bogdan on the Talkable project in Kyiv, wasted no time in inviting him to join the team. With the company's expansion plans in full swing, a new office was opened in Kyiv, and Gusev was appointed to lead the charge.
When offered the technical director role in a new business, I knew nothing about the blockchain. But I understood how the Internet works
Bohdan Gusev, founder of Unstoppable Domains.
Unstoppable Domains has received investment from prominent firms such as Pantera Capital, Alchemy Ventures, and CoinGecko, as well as grants from the Ethereum Foundation and Zilliqa Foundation. Now the cost of Unstoppable Domains is estimated at $1+ billion.

The company aims to create convenient cryptocurrency payments, by using simple crypto domains instead of long wallet addresses. Moreover, Unstoppable Domains aims to make the decentralized internet more user-friendly for ordinary people.
Decentralized Internet is similar to what we had in the 90s. There are few resources and tools
Bogdan Gusev, founder of Unstoppable Domains.

What is a crypto domain?

The crypto domain (NFT domain) is a blockchain domain that cannot be blocked or deleted by anyone. For example, gagarin-news.crypto.

Unstoppable Domains uses the ERC-721 NFT standard and CNS (Crypto Name Service) – a set of smart contracts to automate creating and transferring a domain to the chosen wallet, with full control transferred to the owner. This simplifies the integration of Unstoppable Domains into third-party applications.

How to buy a crypto domain?

You can find the desired domain on the official website. There is a massive search for checking the availability of a large number of domains and a test function – the AI selection of the domain based on the activities of your business.

Now Unstoppable Domains offers nine top-level domains (text after a full stop): Crypto, Nft, Wallet, Blockchain, X, Bitcoin, DAO, 888, and ZIL. Once you've purchased a crypto domain, it's yours forever – unlike other domain name systems like ENS, which require annual renewal fees.

In this regard, the team protects and does not allow the creation of some domains associated with brands or famous personalities. Any company or celebrity has the right to apply for a protected domain. Popular addresses receive premium status and are available for everyone but at very high prices.

The pricing is affected by popularity, the domain's length (at least three letters), and the choice of the upper level. If the selected domain is available, you can purchase it.

A card, PayPal, or cryptocurrency is accepted for payment. One hour is given for a transaction if you pay with cryptocurrency. During this time, the domain will be inaccessible for other people.

For users' convenience, an automatic mint occurs after payment, which involves creating a domain in the blockchain and sending it to a company's wallet that's been specifically set up for each account. In the "My Domains" section, you can transfer the domain (mint) to your personal wallet on the Polygon network for free.

While the company doesn't impose any restrictions, it company strongly recommends that you transfer all purchased domains to your wallets as soon as possible. A domain can't be tuned before sending it to a personal wallet.

Setting up a crypto domain

Each domain comes with many settings. The first thing you'll be prompted to do to create your own digital profile.

In this section, you can set up an avatar and indicate your name, biography, website, place of residence, and social networks. In addition, there is an opportunity to showcase tokens stored in the wallet and confirmation that you passed KYC. Each item has an independent confidentiality setting. The public profile looks as follows:

Since each domain is set up separately, you can buy several domains, and create many profiles (personal, work). But it is better to do so with different wallets to not connect them since the wallet address is displayed publicly in each.

The next section contains the addresses of wallets that will be attached to the crypto domain. Unstoppable Domains allows you to configure the reception of different cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, APTOS, XLM, etc.).

To send cryptocurrency using NFT domains, Unstoppable Domains needs other companies to integrate them into their applications. Many (Coinbase, Trust Wallet, 1inch Wallet, etc.) have already done this. The full list (700+ applications) is available on the official website.

You can also create a decentralized website by choosing a template or uploading a finished project to IPFS. Sadly, not all browsers support these websites. Opera and Brave have already become official partners, and for Chrome, you will have to install the Unstoppable Domains plug-in.

Another interesting setting is an e-mail mask, such as [email protected]. All letters will be sent to your e-mail indicated during registration or selected third-party application. Unwanted addresses can be blocked.

The rest of the settings allow:

1. Sending the domain to another wallet. The transaction will need to be confirmed in the main wallet.

2. Selling a domain on the site or OpenSea.

3. Transferring the domain to the Ethereum network by paying the commission for the transaction.

4. Viewing applications where the login was made using a crypto domain.

5. Allowing the applications to display a crypto domain instead of the wallet's address.

In the Unstoppable Domains personal account settings, you can add suitable wallets where you will transfer the domains, change e-mail and install two-factor authentication.


Since 2018, Unstoppable Domains has sold more than 2.5 million crypto domains with the possibility of convenient configuration and successfully cooperates with third-party applications for their integration.

Following their new agreements, the team more than once distributed gift codes for buying a domain or allowed to create it for free based on the user's Twitter. Given that their domains last indefinitely, do not ignore the chance to get them for free. Therefore, follow the project announcements and participate in new promotions!