“Wen Lambo Fixed?” A Lambo Owner Pays a Mechanic with BTC

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Photo - “Wen Lambo Fixed?” A Lambo Owner Pays a Mechanic with BTC
The famous question “wen Lambo?”, referring to the exuberant lifestyle of those making money on Bitcoin price spikes, has been modified to “wen Lambo fixed?” Provided that you own a Lambo, that is. JayFab, a Redditor who owns and operates a welding and fabrication company in Kansas, has reportedly been paid in Bitcoin for fixing his client’s Lamborghini Aventador.
Even though JayFab first bought into Bitcoin in 2016, he says that this is his “first legitimate transaction”: “From there [2016], I have taken the deep dive into the industry to learn about it, understand the tech and possibly have a second chance at a future.” According to the welder, the customer did not have cash on him and offered to “Shoot me a wallet address will ya?” with JayFab replying “Ya, sure!” Shortly after, he received the Bitcoin payment for fixing a “$8500 Titanium exhaust system” and putting "some pretty pipes on it for more screams and pops other upgrades.” A BTC fan, JayFab underscores that “with more adoption, I hope that I can find my place in making or doing services for crypto.” He is also selling what he describes as “exotic work” and “crypto-themed furniture/items” on the popular Bitcoin marketplace Bitify. “Wen Lambo” is one of the most famous crypto memes ever created. The legend goes that one early BTC adopter invested pennies that magically turned into millions in several years, enabling him to buy a Lambo. Per a report, Jay, an alias for the lucky crypto investor, lives in a gated community in southeastern Asia with his wife, three children, three dogs, and his lucky charm Bitcoin Lamborghini 2.0. Reminiscing of his life in the slums, he says: “It’s amazingly hard to HODL bitcoin when you eat pasta every day and make fuck-all, and spend what you do have on computers and miners. But I had that faith, I knew this was world-changing.”