What are crypto games and how to earn on them?

Photo - What are crypto games and how to earn on them?
Perhaps every gamer who spent a lot of time on his favorite game wondered - “How can I make money on this?”. It’s almost impossible to earn by playing classic online games, but the first crypto game fixed the situation.
CryptoKitties is the first Ethereum blockchain-based game released to the public in November 2017. Players can purchase, sell and breed NFT cats that have different visual features of varying levels of rarity. The goal of the game is to create characters with rare features and then sell them for digital currency. This game laid the foundation for the development of crypto games.

How to make money on crypto games?

Virtual currency in online gaming has been used for a long time. A player can spend it on buying or improving the character. You need to know that it’s impossible to transfer this money to the real world, as a developer owns all the elements of a traditional online game - money, ammunition, bonuses, characters, etc. Players had to sell their accounts, as they couldn’t sell the character or any game asset.

Play-to-Earn model is the basis of crypto games, it allows gamers to get real value assets.
Players have full ownership of their characters and everything related to them, since such crypto games are created on blockchain networks and are fully decentralized. This allows you not only to sell characters in the game, but also to transfer your rewards and purchases to another crypto game.

Each character is a unique NFT token, which can be sold within the game and on marketplaces by paying the appropriate commission. The profit can be transferred to your wallet, or kept in the game for future purchases.

Another way to make money with crypto games is to complete tasks. You may get daily tasks like to create a character or reach a specific level that unlocks certain features; or you will need to complete a quest like to kill a boss etc. The player receives a native game token for completing quests or tasks, which can be exchanged for another currency outside the game. In some games such as CryptoKitties, NFT tokens (characters, weapons, clothes) or ETH are issued as rewards.

What does the gameplay look like?

 Crypto games are clearly inferior to such well-known online titans as Dota2 in terms of visuals and variety.  It is worth noting that there have been no significant changes since the release of the first crypto-game. Most crypto games are similar to Blizzard's Hearthstone card game where players buy or win character cards and upgrade them. 

There is a deck of cards in the arena, where a battle with another player and his cards   takes place. The winner is the one who correctly picks up the deck and takes advantage of the character's features. Sometimes these are not cards, but virtual characters like animals in Axie Infinity game.

The games of a different format began to appear starting from 2021 like the Town Star game, which visually resembles Farm Frenzy. This is not surprising, because it was developed by the creators of the same “Farm Frenzy”. So now the player has a whole town at his disposal, instead of a farm.

In order to become a “crypto gamer”, you need to do a few simple steps: visit the website of the game you liked, go through the registration form and connect your e-wallet (or create a new one if the game requires it). Most of the games require an initial investment, so be sure to read the license agreement carefully. 


Crypto player’s earnings depend on many factors: understanding of the gameplay, gaming skills, the number of players (the more people play a particular game, the higher the value of its own token) and the time spent. This is what makes crypto games quite exciting, even though most of them are similar to indie games from the late 2000s. This is a good way not only to kill time, but also to earn some money.