What If We’re Living in the Metaverse Already?

Photo - What If We’re Living in the Metaverse Already?
Everyone once in a while likes to talk about the metaverse. Is it good? Is it bad? Is it just around the corner? Or are we already living in it?
In GN’s interview with Tadeo of MakerDAO, we briefly touched upon the metaverse’s state of affairs.

Speaking in a personal capacity, he said, “I think the idea of a metaverse is that you have an alternative life to the one that you have in the physical world.”

And we do have it: with our phones, our social media accounts, etc.

“Everything that we do on the computer is essentially our second digital life. So I think that's already there,” he stated, adding that he believes that Virtual Reality is going to be a big thing in the coming future alongside Augmented Reality (AR).

“It's not just your computer screen [...] actually you can have your name as an IMAX cinema in your face, anytime you want,” he said, hypothesizing that Facebook and other private companies will also have their own worlds that will serve a specific function.

He also drew a comparison between the metaverse and the internet, emphasizing that the latter is open source and “it's mostly communities creating their own things.”

Accordingly, we should expect “many crazy ideas coming from people's imaginations that you get to experience and you get to share and build on top of them.”

The answer came as part of the question regarding Mark Zuckerberg’s continuous endeavor to build the metaverses, the success of which is mixed. Some have emphasized that the graphics still look like ‘rubbish’. A more positive assessment came after Zuckerberg’s recent interview with Lex Fridman that was held in the metaverse and received a more positive assessment.

In spite of that, a report has emerged recently that Meta is laying off employees in its Reality Labs division. We are talking about a 600-member team called Facebook Agile Silicon Team. Last year, Meta laid off more than 11 thousand employees, including workers in its Reality Labs division.

Previously, GN reported about the attempts to tax the metaverse.