WhiteBIT and FC Barcelona partnership to be signed

Photo - WhiteBIT and FC Barcelona partnership to be signed
The Ukrainian crypto exchange platform WhiteBIT is at the final stage of negotiations with FC Barcelona in signing a cooperation contract.
The mention of this first emerged in June of 2022 when the Spanish media outlet about sports Mundo Deportivo published an article that claimed the Ukrainian cryptocurrency exchange WhiteBIT is the key contender in landing a deal with the “Barcelona” football club. The article stated that WhiteBIT was in talks with the club's brand management to sign a sponsorship agreement that would allow the exchange to add its logo on the football club’s uniform sleeve. 

According to prior information, the conclusion of the partnership agreement is now at its final stages. The deal encompasses for the exchange to put its logo on the uniform sleeve of one of the most titled football clubs in Europe. Apart from adding the logo on the uniform of the main football team, WhiteBIT’s logo will also be included on the uniforms of Barcelona’s women’s football and basketball teams. Additionally, WhiteBIT and FC Barcelona intend to work on several social initiatives and sport-related projects. 

The potential partnership with the football club is an opportunity to raise international awareness and gather further support for Ukraine and its fight for freedom and independence. 
Further developments and details of negotiations between WhiteBIT and FC Barcelona will be disclosed soon.

WhiteBIT has been actively growing internationally with its business ventures as well as philanthropy. From the first day of Russia’s invasion, WhiteBIT has been actively involved in helping Ukraine and its citizens affected by the ongoing war. The exchange has previously signed a memorandum with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, worked on the UNITED24 initiative, cooperated with the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, and much more. 

WhiteBIT is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Europe and currently counts more than 500 industry professionals. The headquarters are now located in Spain and the company continues to expand on the global market.