WhiteBIT and Kyiv-Mohyla Academy Unveil Their NFT Collection

Photo - WhiteBIT and Kyiv-Mohyla Academy Unveil Their NFT Collection
It may seem unbelievable, but the iconic Kyiv-Mohyla Academy marked its 408th anniversary on October 15, 2023! With the renowned crypto partner, WhiteBIT, a special NFT collection was a natural choice to commemorate this event. Let's unveil it!
Eight unique NFTs from the Academy Day collection have been introduced on the Polygon network and are up for grabs on the OpenSea marketplace. Each token encapsulates either cherished student traditions or momentous milestones from the esteemed University's past. For example, Bookitty, the beloved feline of the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy Library, is delving into cutting-edge tech and setting her sights on the crypto realm alongside the academy's scholars.

Another notable NFT is dedicated to the “Clean Skovoroda” course. On Academy Day, Kyiv-Mohyla students come together in a heartfelt tradition to wash the monument of the Academy’s alumnus philosopher Hryhorii Skovoroda at Contract Square. Alternatively, you might be drawn to an NFT capturing the digital essence of the restoration process of the Cells of Brotherhood's Monastery – a historic educational building of the Academy located in the heart of Kyiv.

This initiative isn't merely a notable cultural and digital commercial event; it's a logical advancement in the collaboration between WhiteBIT, Europe's leading crypto exchange, and one of Ukraine's most esteemed educational institutions. The two entities have been in partnership for over a year, furthering the integration of blockchain technologies into university curricula.

This partnership has birthed the fully accredited “Blockchain Technologies” program, crafted collaboratively by WhiteBIT experts and the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy's educators. From this academic year onwards, graduate students are delving into comprehensive studies on blockchain-related subjects. This ensures that in the future, we'll see a wave of adept and informed professionals steering the digital transformation, early signs of which are already evident in the Ukrainian economic landscape and daily life. 

stands as one of Europe's leading crypto exchanges. As of October 2023, it boasts a user base of over 4 million. The exchange processes an average daily trading volume exceeding $2.5 billion and supports more than 350 trading pairs, 270 assets, and 10 national currencies. 

Furthermore, WhiteBIT has established significant partnerships. The exchange is an official partner of the Ukrainian national football team and football clubs like Barcelona and Trabzonspor and collaborates with Lifecell, FACEIT, and the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. In collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, it launched a chatbot to aid Ukrainians overseas. Some of the platform's latest milestones include the rollout of its own blockchain, the WB Network, and the WhiteBIT Launchpad – a platform dedicated to voting and launching new crypto projects.